British drivers spend up to three days a year stuck in traffic, according to information released by sat-nav data company INRIX.

Drivers in Greater London are the worst affected, closely followed by those in Greater Manchester and on Merseyside.

The average time UK drivers spend stuck in traffic a year is 29 hours. This represents a reduction of seven hours from the 2011 average, due to motorists taking to the roads less in the current economic climate.

The UK is ranked the fifth worst country in Europe for gridlocked traffic, with drivers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France suffering around 29 hours more traffic each year.

London itself is the third most congested city in Europe after Brussels and Antwerp, despite a nine per cent fall in time spent in traffic, now at an average of 72 hours.

Commenting on the results, INRIX chief executive Bryan Mistele said: “There has always been strong correlation between the state of the economy and the level of traffic congestion on our roads.

“It tells us if people are employed and driving to work, going out to eat or doing some shopping, as well as whether or not businesses are shipping products.”

He continued: “Considering unemployment hit record highs in 2012 and European household wealth dropped 13.6 per cent, it's hardly surprising that traffic levels have dropped significantly.”

Picture: Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


April 24, 2013