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  • Ever since the start of the electric vehicle revolution, luxury cars have led the way
  • We’ve listed 10 of the best luxury electric cars
  • Find out about the features and amenities which make them stand out
  • Learn about the essentials such as range, charge time and driving experience


When American car manufacturer Tesla released the Roadster in 2008, it changed the world. Not only was it the first mass-production all-electric vehicle, but it was also a seriously desirable luxury sports car that sold at around $100,000 (~£80,000). Tesla’s strategy was very clever – if the first EVs could be seen as exciting and high-end, it would be far easier to sell later, less expensive versions to the mass market. 

In the last 15 years, a growing number of manufacturers have started producing top luxury electric cars that really impress in terms of quality and comfort (and which will turn heads everywhere you go). 

Looking to invest in a high-end EV? Here’s our list of the best luxury electric cars available in 2023. 


What makes a ‘luxury’ car?

Although everybody has different tastes, luxury cars tend to have a few common features:

  • Sumptuous interiors – The best luxury electric cars use the most refined materials throughout the interior – leather seating, wooden panelling, high-quality metals and plastics. They also often include features like ergonomic seating, great sound systems, advanced tech and temperature control. 
  • Desirable design – Externally, these cars have attractive silhouettes, thoughtful features and sometimes unique elements for added convenience – such as retractable door handles.
  • Performance – The best luxury electric cars offer just as much substance as style. They give you incredible range, superior handling and fast charging, making them a joy to drive.  

10 of the best luxury electric cars

So, what is the best luxury electric car? Here are our picks of the pack:

1. Mercedes EQS

This big, comfortable EV feels deliciously decadent – just as we’d expect from Mercedes, who’ve long cornered the market for sophisticated luxury saloon cars. 

Let’s start with how it drives. This car feels smooth and powerful. While driving, you’ll barely feel bumps in the road, and it’s near-silent inside, making for an enjoyable ride. The car offers rear-wheel steering, air suspension and amazing aerodynamics which all makes for a very smooth experience. What’s more, with 453 miles on a single charge, this car has one of the longest ranges on the market. 

Inside, it’s all tasteful wood, sumptuous leather seats and ergonomic seating. The car is also packed with vast amounts of cutting-edge technology – including a 55-inch ‘hyperscreen’ panel on some models. All in all, it’s easily one of the best luxury electric cars on the market.

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 453 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 107.8kWh
  • Style/body/size – Saloon
  • Charge time – 31 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 17 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

2. BMW i7

The i7 is BMW’s flagship electric car, and the German manufacturer has stuffed it with the latest technology, fantastic engineering, space and comfort, making it a top luxury electric car. The i7 is a very smooth drive, featuring air suspension which means it feels refined  even over bumpy surfaces. You’ll also get a range of up to 387 miles and fast charging from 5-80% in just 34 minutes. 

Inside, the car is packed with fantastic technology. There’s four-zone climate control so each passenger can set the temperature for their own comfort. There’s the option of a ‘theatre screen’ for the rear seats – a fold-down display to keep rear passengers entertained. You also get luxurious touches – including massage seats in some versions – that take comfort to the next level.

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 387 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 101.7kWh
  • Style/body/size – Saloon
  • Charge time – 34 mins for 5-80% (rapid), 15 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

3. Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model X is best known for its famous ‘falcon’ doors, which fold upwards rather than swinging out on a hinge. This might seem gimmicky, but it’s actually really practical, especially if you’re trying to strap a car seat in. Rest assured, they’ve got sensors that stop them from bumping into pillars or other car doors and can open up in tight spaces. While this feature might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the rest of the car’s design and spacious interior are what really make it one of the best electric luxury cars. 

First, there’s the driving experience. Tesla states a range of up to 360 miles, and it’s incredibly fast, going from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. 

Inside, the Model X is wonderfully spacious – you can really stretch out and enjoy a cool central screen which lets you watch streaming services like Netflix while you wait for the car to charge. It also comes with a special air conditioner that filters out pollutants – a nice touch for this luxury car. There’s  plenty more advanced tech, including Sat Nav, which helps plot your route via charging stops. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 360 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 90kWh
  • Style/body/size – SUV
  • Charge time – 40 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 15 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

4. BMW iX

BMW’s largest electric SUV is packed full of technology, and with loads of high-end (but sustainably sourced) materials inside, it feels particularly luxurious.

The interior of this SUV feels lounge-like, with matte wooden panels, leather seats and other quality materials. There’s bags of space too. You’ll also enjoy some really cool technology. There’s a continuous touchscreen infotainment screen, connecting from the dashboard to behind the steering wheel, giving you a system that’s really easy to interact with. Meanwhile, four zones of climate control means everyone can set their preferred temperature. In some versions, the seats come with a massage feature – that’s a pretty decadent touch. 

The iX also performs very well. It scores highly on safety tests and is enjoyable and powerful to drive-  as you’d expect from BMW. And with a whopping range of 391 miles – and fast charging – it all makes for one of the best luxury electric cars. It also has a towing capability of up to 2,500 kg, which makes it a great family option for trips. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 391 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 111.5kWh
  • Style/body/size – SUV
  • Charge time – 34 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 10-100% (home wallbox)

5. Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

The Porsche brand has always been associated with luxury, and with this powerful estate car, it’s shown it can cross over into the EV market without sacrificing anything. Expect a fast, well-controlled and extremely enjoyable drive, plus hugely impressive acceleration and handling on almost any surface – this is a Porsche, after all. It’s also got a decent range (219 miles) and fast charging (20 mins for 10-80% charge with a rapid charger). 

Inside, it feels really refined. The large digital display is easy to use, with haptic sensors on screen (vibrations which give feedback as you interact – handy while you’ve got your eyes on the road). The Taycan Cross Turismo is packed with luxurious materials throughout, meaning it feels really sumptuous. Overall, it’s easily one of the best electric luxury cars available today. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 219 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 79.2kWh
  • Style/body/size – Estate
  • Charge time – 20 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 13hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

6. Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar is a name synonymous with luxury, and with the British brand’s first electric car, they’ve delivered again. The I-Pace has gorgeous looks, is one of the most engaging EVs to drive, and has a plush interior and smart tech that makes it easily one of the best luxury electric cars. 

This is one good-looking car, and it’s got plenty of substance to go with the style. It goes from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and has a range of up to 292 miles. Unlike many other EVs, it has quite a bit of personality when driving too. It also has adaptive suspension, so it’s comfortable on even the worst surfaces and can even be taken off road. 

Inside, you’ll get huge amounts of space, and it can comfortably fit four adults. It’s full of high-end materials and feels suitably sumptuous. We really like the split-screen infotainment system – the top section does navigation, and the bottom part deals with heating and ventilation. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 292 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 84.7kWh
  • Style/body/size – SUV
  • Charge time – 45 minutes, 10-80% (rapid), 12.75hrs, 10-100% (home wallbox)

7. Ford Mustang Mach-e

The Mustang Mach-e is Ford’s electric take on their ‘muscle car’ Mustang brand, with plenty of sporty features (it goes from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds). Look beyond that, and you’ll find lots of high-tech features and high-quality materials that make this a top luxury electric car. The EV comes with a huge range, too – 379 miles – and is enjoyable to drive. 

Inside, it’s very comfortable, thanks to the supportive seats. Your passengers get plenty of headroom too, making the Mach-e comfortable even for the tallest people. It comes with a huge central screen for all your navigation needs, heating controls and smartphone technology. The upholstery feels premium, there’s a ten-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, and on some models, a panoramic glass roof. Ford has replaced handles with a button that opens the door when you touch it (which is pretty cool). 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 379 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 88kWh
  • Style/body/size – SUV
  • Charge time – 45mins for 10-80% (rapid), 11hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

8. Mercedes EQC

Mercedes has always been a luxury brand, and with the EQC, you get all the comfort, style and brilliant driving experiences you’d expect. With a good range of 225 miles, and smooth, well-balanced handling, it’s a pleasure to be behind the wheel of this big, beautiful car. And it’s fast, zipping from 0-60 mph in just under five seconds. 

Inside, you’ll get some top-of-the-range equipment – think upholstered leather, with soft furnishings and ergonomic seats. You also get two 10.25-inch displays, premium quality sound systems and heated seats, and some versions include a sliding sunroof. There are also options for handy add-ons, such as a streamlined roof box for carrying more equipment. In any case, it’s got plenty of storage and is a very comfortable place to be.

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 255 miles
  • Battery size – 80kWh
  • Style/body/size
  • Charge time – 40 minutes for 10-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 10-100% (home wallbox)

9. Mercedes EQE

A cousin of the EQC, the Mercedes EQE is a little larger but doesn’t compromise on style, comfort, or driving. Mercedes has taken everything they know about building high-end saloons and made one of the best luxury electric cars

We think it’s a simply stunning saloon – it just looks really classy and refined with an attractive silhouette. It’s also a great drive, and with 388 miles of range, there’s more than enough juice for long journeys. And those long journeys will be even more comfortable thanks to how quiet it is inside, the vast amounts of space to stretch out, nicely-shaped seats, soft leather and sophisticated wood and metal panels. 

It’s also full of innovative tech throughout. An LED package lets you light up the interior, and there are also two 12+ inch screens to help with navigation and entertainment, plus plenty of USB charging points. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 388 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 90kWh
  • Style/body/size – saloon
  • Charge time – 32 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 14 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

10. Tesla Model S

The Model S is, in many ways, the original mass-market EV, and is one of the cheapest luxury electric cars when compared to the Mercedes EQS and BMW i7. The Model S has been around for over a decade now but just keeps getting better. It now comes with an incredible range of 396 miles, and the latest versions have a charge time of 25 mins for 10-80% using a rapid charger. It’s lovely to drive, very fast away from standing and handles very well. The fact you can access Tesla’s charging network is always a big plus too. 

Inside, this is a big, comfortable saloon, with loads of space. Passengers in the back seat can really spread out, thanks to the flat floor, while enjoying the tri-zone climate control. Active Road Noise technology keeps the cabin quiet when you’re on the move, the seats are ergonomically designed, and it features plenty of leather and smart-looking metals and wood panelling. It’s the tech where Tesla really stands out, though. It has a huge touch screen, keyless fob entry, top-quality stereo system and plenty of other snazzy entertainment features. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 396 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 100kWh
  • Style/body/size – saloon
  • Charge time – 25mins for 10-80% (rapid), 14hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

What is the best luxury electric car for you?

Ever since Tesla appeared on the scene, electric car makers have worked hard to show these vehicles can be just as – if not more – desirable as petrol and diesel alternatives. And as our list of the best luxury electric cars shows, they’ve definitely succeeded. Find what the best luxury electric car is for you at 

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