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  • Several electric vehicle manufacturers now produce cars with a range of well over 300 miles (and some north of 400!)
  • We list the 10 best electric cars for range that you can buy used today
  • Find out what electric car has the longest range, plus challenges and future developments
  • Learn about each car’s unique features, driving experience and comfort


According to several studies, range is one of the biggest concerns people have about buying electric vehicles (EVs). No one wants to run out of battery on a road trip to see the family, get caught short picking the kids up from a school trip, or spend their time searching round for a charging point before it’s too late. 

However, battery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, and many manufacturers now offer at least one or two models that can cover more than 300 miles on a full charge. As always, take manufacturer claims with a pinch of salt and use them as rough guidance (you won’t always get the same performance the car companies claim). Still, the improvements keep on coming, and some companies are promising EVs with a range of up to 1000 miles in the near(ish) future. 

Let’s learn a little more about EV range, then look at what the longest range electric car is from different manufacturers.

What is ‘Range’?

‘Range’ simply refers to the number of miles an electric vehicle can cover on a fully charged battery. EV manufacturers must do several independent tests to calculate range (basically, the cars are put on rollers inside a lab, and driven for a period of time in the same conditions). This then helps calculate how far each car could drive. As you can imagine, a lab environment is nothing like driving on the road! Loads of things can affect a battery’s performance in real life, including:

  • How you drive (quick acceleration = faster battery draining)
  • The outside temperature (cold weather drains batteries faster)
  • Your use of heating/air con/technology/GPS
  • General road conditions (speed bumps, traffic jams, and braking affect range)
  • General efficiency of each car and manufacturer designs
  • Age of the battery
  • Maintenance of the car
  • Altitude
  • And much more!

To learn more, read our guide to EV range

The good news is that EV manufacturers are investing a lot of money to improve EV batteries. Back in 2010, the average EV’s range was a measly 79 miles, according to the International Energy Agency. But by 2021, EV’s had a range of about 217 miles, and nowadays the best electric cars for distance go much further than this average. 

The 10 best electric cars for distance driving

So, what electric car has the longest range? Here’s our list of the EVs with the longest range which are currently available to buy in the UK.

1. Mercedes EQS 450+ | Up to 453 miles

Released in 2021, the EQS 450+ is an electric equivalent to the luxurious Mercedes S-Class, combining top quality and refinement with a battery-powered setup. As the name suggests, you can theoretically get over 450 miles out of a single charge – that’s about the equivalent of London to Manchester and back. That makes it hands down one of the best electric cars for distance today. 

It’s also got the biggest battery of any car on this list, accelerates very quickly, is a pleasure to drive, and is extremely comfortable inside. All that comes at a price though – expect to pay around £100k for nearly new models. 

Best Features

Mercedes EQS 450+ key features

  • The EQS has an incredible ‘Hyperscreen’ display, bringing a widescreen setup in the forward part of the interior
  • The rear seats are exceptionally comfortable, so will definitely keep passengers happy
  • The EQS features all-wheel-steering, which makes tighter turns a lot easier
  • There’s a 610-litre boot, so there’s plenty of space for everyone’s luggage available 
  • Range – Up to 453 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 107.8kWh
  • Charge time – 31 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 17 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – saloon

2. Tesla Model S | Up to 405 miles

The Model S is Tesla’s flagship and, despite having been around for a little while now, continues to be one of the best EVs available. For years, the Model S held the crown as the EV with the longest range. But despite the competition from Mercedes (plus several other emerging contenders), its ability to cover over 400 miles in one charge remains incredibly impressive, making it one of the best electric cars for distance. To put things into perspective, this type of range could theoretically take you one way from Edinburgh to London.   

With the Model S, you get all the things Tesla are famed for – loads of gadgetry, a massive touch screen display, classy design and incredible acceleration. Oh, and there’s the Tesla charging network too, which has arguably the best coverage in the UK.

Best Features

Tesla Model S key features

  • Model S ownership gives you access to 880 Superchargers across the UK, meaning that there are plenty of charging options about
  • Earlier Model S models come with free charging, which could save you a lot of money
  • Tesla’s Autopilot system can help make longer journeys less tiring by helping control the car’s steering, braking and acceleration – though the driver must keep their hands on the wheel at all times
  • The on-board infotainment system is packed with features and even lets you play cool noises through external speakers mounted to the outside of the car
  • Range – Up to 405 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 103kWh
  • Charge time – 30 mins for 20-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – saloon

3. BMW iX | Up to 380 miles

The iX is BMW’s tip-top EV and, as a result, gets some of the very latest technology. As a long range electric SUV, it gives you bags of space to carry your family, fill up with shopping, and offers all the room you’d need for camping trips or holidays. Besides its impressive range, it offers incredibly fast charging – with rapid charging you can add as much as 93 miles in as little as 10 minutes. 

Best Features

BMW iX key features

  • The iX follows BMW’s latest styling direction, which is why its looks are particularly striking
  • It rides on air suspension, which helps to soak up lumps and bumps in the road to make it a really comfortable car to drive
  • There’s a full wraparound display which lets you access all media and navigation functions – it looks really futuristic too!
  • There’s a 500-litre boot which is nicely shaped and easy to access with larger items
  • Range – Up to 380 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 105kWh
  • Charge time – 34 mins for 20-80% (rapid) and 11.5 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – SUV

4. Tesla Model 3 | Up to 374 miles

The Model 3 is one of Tesla’s most popular cars for a reason – it’s well priced, good to drive and has an impressively long range. Like other Tesla models, it’s very fast off the blocks, very comfortable and spacious inside, and you’ll get loads of clever tech. Another reason we consider it one of the best electric cars for long distance commutes is that it offers semi-autonomous driving, letting you take your foot off the accelerator while the car judges distances between you and the car in front. If you do a lot of motorway driving for work, that can make it a lot less tiring. 

Best Features

Tesla Model 3 key features

  • The Model 3 is one of Tesla’s best-selling models, thanks to its combination of great technology and a more affordable price
  • Ownership still gives access to Tesla’s widespread and reliable Supercharger network
  • The main screen does all the usual media and navigation functions, but also lets you play games or watch films when you’re parked
  • It’s the smallest saloon that Tesla offers, so is a great option for those who want an EV but don’t fancy an overly large car
  • Range – Up to 374 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 75kWh
  • Charge time – 20-30 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 7-11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 4
  • Type of electric car – Saloon

5. Ford Mustang Mach-E | Up to 372 miles

Ford’s Mustang Mach-e aims to instil some of the spirit of the muscle car with the same name into this cutting-edge EV. This long-range electric SUV shows Ford means business with its somewhat delayed entry into the EV market. You’ll get a powerful car that handles well and is fun to drive. It comes with the usual reliability of a Ford, and with all that extra SUV space, it is a great option if you’re looking for a family car.

Best Features

Ford Mustang Mach-E key features

  • The Mustang Mach-e uses a huge central display, which dominates the interior and helps make things look very futuristic
  • There’s a handy load area in the ‘nose’ of the car which is ideal for storing the charging cables in
  • Over-the-air updates mean that many aspects of the Mach-e can be updated without needing to visit the dealership
  • You might notice that the Mach-e gets some of the same ‘pony’ badges as the sporty Mustang – look out for them at the front and rear
  • Range – Up to 372 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 88kWh
  • Charge time – 45 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – SUV

6. BMW i4 | Up to 367 miles

The BMW i4 takes the 4 Series into the electric age, with plenty of on-board equipment. The impressive range of 367 miles makes the i4 one of the best electric cars for distance driving – that’s about as far as Glasgow to Bristol on a full charge. But it offers a lot more than that. BMW has a strong reputation for reliable cars that feel great to drive, and the i4 is no different. With plenty of room, lots of clever tech and rapid charging options, it’s a great all-rounder. 

Best Features

BMW i4 key features

  • The i4 is essentially an electric version of BMW’s ever-popular 4 Series
  • Though you can get the i4 as a more powerful M50 version, it’s the regular car that’ll deliver the longest range
  • Though the i4 features BMW’s famous kidney grilles, these aren’t used for cooling but instead incorporate all of the car’s radar and sensor systems
  • The i4 features BMW’s latest Operating System 8, with means the main screen is packed with features and connectivity options
  • Range – Up to 367 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 83.9kW
  • Charge time – 34 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 13 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 4
  • Type of electric car- saloon

7. Tesla Model X | Up to 360 miles

The Model X is a show-stopping car from Tesla, with its eye-catching ‘falcon’ doors being one of the most talked-about features of any EV. It offers a smooth, quiet, fast drive, and has a huge amount of space inside – it is technically a long range electric SUV, although it doesn’t really look much like one. 

As noted above, the Model X has those unusual falcon doors – you’ll either love them or hate them, but they certainly stand out. Like all Teslas, it’s packed with impressive tech and you’ll have access to its reliable, nationwide fast-charging network. 

Best Features

Tesla Model X key features

  • The Model X is Tesla’s largest car and is therefore the best choice for those who want plenty of space
  • It’s got access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, meaning reliable and fast top-ups are never too far away
  • The huge central screen packs loads of features as well as a clever satellite navigation system that can plot your route and take into account which chargers to use
  • There’s the option to fit the Model X with a bike rack, extending its use even further
  • Range – Up to 360 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 90kWh
  • Charge time – 40 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 15 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – SUV

8. Volkswagen ID.3 | Up to 340 miles

The ID.3 is a great ‘everyday’ EV that isn’t too large, nor too complicated to drive and charge. Originally launched in 2019, you can think of the ID.3 as an electric version of the ever-popular Golf. What makes this hatchback special is its 340 miles of range – it really outperforms the rest of the field in this car category. With 5 doors, it’s a great family car, offering plenty of room inside while still being relatively small compared to many other EVs (it’s about 4.3 metres long) – which is good for on-street parking. 

Best Features

Volkswagen ID.3 key features

  • The ID.3 is the first car in Volkswagen ‘ID’ range of electric vehicles, meaning it gets all of the very latest technology
  • Compact proportions mean that the ID.3 is very easy to park and move about
  • Light steering makes the ID.3 a great option for around-town drivers
  • There’s a good variety of exterior colours to choose from, including a striking light blue shade
  • Range – Up to 340 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77kWh
  • Charge time – 38 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – Hatchback

9. Polestar 2 | Up to 335 miles

The 2 is our pick from Polestar thanks to its eye-catching styling and clever interior. That 335 mile range makes it one of the best electric cars for distance drives, but there’s plenty more to love with the Swedish brand’s saloon. It’s renowned for being a well-built and comfortable drive, and is fast, efficient and solid. It also looks great inside and out, and is full of useful and well-thought-through tech. You sit a little higher up than in many other saloons too, which gives you a better view of the road. 

Best Features

Polestar 2 key features

  • The Polestar 2 is one of the first cars to use a totally Google-sourced infotainment, meaning all of your favourite apps – like Maps – are loaded as standard
  • The 2 has a handy area in the nose of the car for storing the cables
  • The interior is clean and typically Scandinavian, with very few buttons and an uncluttered feel
  • Many of the 2’s interior materials are eco-friendly, reflecting the brand’s ‘green’ stance
  • Range – Up to 335 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 78kWh
  • Charge time – 32 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 8 hr 15 mins for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – saloon

10. Cupra Born | Up to 335 miles

Cupra has made a real splash with the Born, bringing dynamic looks and sportier feel to the EV sector. Look beneath the surface, and the Born is very similar to the ID.3 – unsurprising as Cupra is part of the VW group. The main difference is the look – it’s got a sportier design and is a little lower to the ground – and some of the tech inside is more up-to-date. In any case, it’s a fun drive and, with up to 335 miles of battery power, is a great option if you’re after your first long-range electric hatchback. 

Best Features

Cupra Born key features

  • The Born is Cupra’s first EV and it’s based on the same platform as the Volkswagen ID.3
  • If you look closely you’ll see a variety of copper-coloured elements – they’re a Cupra trademark
  • There’s a full-width ‘lightbar’ at the rear which makes the car look particularly futuristic 
  • You can get the Born in a variety of colours, meaning it’s easy to personalise
  • Range – Up to 335 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77kWh
  • Charge time – 38 mins for 10-80% (rapid) and 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – Hatchback

Electric cars with the longest range

Our list of the best electric cars for distance shows just how far EVs and battery technology has come in just a few years. While we’re still some way from an EV with a 1000 mile range, it seems likely that more and more cars will start to pass the 400 or even 500 mile range in the coming years. 

Whether you’re after a long range electric SUV, a hatchback, a saloon or a sports car, there are now plenty of options to choose from in the 300+ mile bracket. So, your search for long range EV’s is now easier than ever.

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