The popularity of SUVs seems to know no end. Where the traditional domain of the 7-seater was once the minivan or the MPV, SUVs are now taking over those duties as well – and it’s easy to see why. The best 7-seat sports utility vehicles offer:

  • Plenty of cabin space for adults and children
  • A stylish, streamlined exterior you don’t find in bulkier minivans or MPVs
  • Excellent levels of practicality with lots of storage compartments
  • Low to decent running costs
  • Four-wheel drive as an option or as standard
  • Brilliant versatility
  • A higher ride height for a commanding view over the road
  • Towing capabilities

SUVs vs MPVs

When it comes to car-shopping, it’s worth remembering that just because something’s popular, it doesn’t always make it right for you. You might instinctively go for an SUV because they’re popular right now, but MPVs still have a lot to offer. Whilst SUVs are excellent for day to day duties, like food shopping and the school run, typically MPVs are better for long holidays and days out.
Before you opt for one or the other, you should bear the following in mind:

  • 7-seat MPVs usually offer more space
  • With optional 7-seat SUVs, the third row is typically for children
  • SUVs tend to provide a better driving experience
  • Whilst four-wheel drive MPVs exist, 4×4 SUVs are more common and capable off-road
  • SUVs usually look more stylish and less boxy than MPVs
  • If you enjoy lots of road trips and camping, MPVs can be more practical
  • There are always exceptions in both SUV and MPV classes

Top 10 Best 7-Seater SUVs

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a car for the family is its safety rating. All of the SUVs on this list have received a full five stars from Euro NCAP safety ratings, so read on to discover our top ten 7-seater SUVs.