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  • There are a wide range of cars with panoramic sunroofs, from nimble hatchbacks to spacious SUVs
  • Creating a sense of space in the vehicle, a sunroof can really make the difference on longer journeys
  • The Fiat 500 offers a compact frame with modern equipment, including the option of a glass sunroof to brighten up its stylish interior
  • The classy and timeless Mercedes E-Class Coupe makes for an effortless driving experience, with a panoramic sunroof only heightening the experience


On a hot day, you can’t beat popping open the sunroof and letting the air, light and extra feel-good factor flood into your cabin. A panoramic sunroof comes in especially handy on long journeys, creating a sensation of space in your vehicle, and let’s be honest: the style and elegance aren’t a bad  bonus to enjoy either.

Our tips for buying a car with a panoramic sunroof

On some cars, a panoramic sunroof comes as standard. On others, you’ve got to pay a little extra. Whether you invest in a luxurious Jaguar F-Pace, a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso or something else, once the sunlight starts pouring in, you won’t regret it.

When it comes to looking for the right car with a panoramic sunroof, you’ll want to bear in mind the following:

  • Pricepoint
  • Size of sunroof
  • Ease of use
  • Style
  • Whether it’s fitted as standard or an add-on
  • If the overall space of the cabin works for you

In this piece, we share ten of the best used cars with panoramic sunroofs – from the MINI Hatch to the MG ZS EV. Read on to find your new favourite…

What are the best cars with panoramic sunroofs?

1. 1. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: MINI Hatch

With its iconic, retro design, paired with stylish and durable interiors, the MINI Hatch is a familiar and fantastic addition to this roundup. As well as being stacked with the latest tech, the Hatch can come fitted with a beautiful panoramic glass sunroof, opening electronically with just the press of a button. Its sunroof has the option of two different open positions, depending on if you’re looking for a light breeze or to fully invite in the elements. One of the smallest vehicles on this list, the MINI Hatch is a perfect option for urban drivers or those of you looking for a more low-key driving experience.

Best Features

MINI Hatch key features:

  • Shows that small cars can still have panoramic sunroofs
  • Price range: £7,500-£40,000 (third-generation New Mini on sale 2014-present)
  • Hugely fun to drive, offering a true go-kart feel behind the wheel
  • Renowned for its style and personalisation opportunities
  • The sunroof is an added extra, so make sure your particular car has one fitted

2. 2. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Nissan Qashqai

As the car that brought crossover SUVs into the mainstream, the Nissan Qashqai earns its reputation as a trailblazer, offering both a comfortable ride and improved fuel economy – complete with added safety benefits. With a spacious interior and a generously sized boot, its sweeping panoramic sunroof is just the cherry on top of an excellent all-around serving. Spanning the entire length of the roof, paired with a one-touch electric sliding blind, the Qashqai’s sunroof earns it a secure spot on this list.

Best Features

Nissan Qashqai key features:

  • Price range: £7,000 – £25,000 (second-generation Qashqai on sale 2013-2020)
  • Efficient petrol, diesel engines and four-wheel drive models provide plenty of choice
  • A compact SUV, offering practical interiors with a large boot and rear seating area
  • Tekna and Tekna+ models come as standard with a full-length glass roof
  • The best-selling SUV in the UK – a huge selection  on the used market

3. 3. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque shakes up the formula; sporting a sleeker and more discreet design as the smallest Range Rover in their catalogue. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its high-end interior and clever off-road technology, providing that familiar Range Rover experience while maintaining a low profile on and off the road. Letting you design your ideal car, the Evoque gives the option of either a fixed or sliding panoramic sunroof, both featuring an electric blind which closes at the touch of a button. Pairing luxury design with outstanding build quality, the Range Rover Evoque is a hard pick to beat.

Best Features

Range Rover Evoque key features:

  • Glamorously designed – the first model was styled by Victoria Beckham 
  • Price range: £32,000 – £57,000 (second-generation Range Rover Evoque)
  • Offers a petrol or a plug-in hybrid option, which can travel up to 39 miles on a charge
  • Can come with high-tech digital displays and an optional digital rear-view mirror
  • A fixed panoramic sunroof comes standard on the HSE and Autobiography trim levels

4. 4. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Our next recommendation is especially for those who live for long-distance drives; the elegantly designed Mercedes E-Class Coupe provides a driving experience that is undeniably comfortable, peacefully quiet and effortlessly classy. With its panoramic sliding sunroof covering two-thirds of its roof, enjoy the light streaming into the cabin, unveiling gorgeous and expertly crafted interiors along with a number of high-tech additions as standard. The Mercedes E-Class Coupe is undeniably stunning, improved further with its huge sunroof and luxurious added extras, making both long and short drives a pleasure.

Best Features

Mercedes E-Class Coupe key features:

  • The sleekest version of the E-Class, there’s no doubt it’s a terrific-looking car 
  • Price range: £25,000-£53,000 (second-generation E-Class Coupe)
  • Its comfortable interior makes it fantastic over longer distances
  • Its large display combines the main touchscreen and a digital dial
  • A range of options, from the efficient E220d diesel to the sporty Mercedes-AMG E53

5. 5. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Jaguar F-Pace

Thanks to its roomy interior, clever four-wheel-drive systems and efficient range of engine types, the Jaguar F-Pace makes for an easy addition to this list. The fact that the F-Pace can come fitted with a gorgeous panoramic sunroof, either fixed or sliding, is just an added bonus to its already generous helping of intuitive and well-designed internal features. 

Whether you’re letting the sun shine through on a warm summer afternoon, setting off on a late-night cruise under a roof cover of stars, or making use of the electric sunblind to provide shade against a punishing midday sun, the F-Pace makes for a comfortable and scenic ride, no matter the surroundings.

Best Features

Jaguar F-Pace key features:

  • Jaguar’s first SUV, proving a successful model for the British manufacturer
  • Price range: £17,000-£80,000
  • Offers one of the best SUV experiences – easy to manoeuvre and enjoyable behind the wheel 
  • Plenty of petrol and diesel options, plus a plug-in hybrid and powerful V8 SVR model
  • Fixed panoramic sunroofs with R-Dynamic Black, 300 Sport and 400 Sport models

6. 6. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

An excellent choice for families, or those that need that extra bit of space to stretch out, the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso offers drivers a wealth of room with its large and practical interior, combined with its considered and robustly-built added extras. 

Providing this unrestricted and accommodating interior with an even greater sense of scale, the Grand C4 Picasso offers a fixed panoramic sunroof on certain models, able to flood its cabin with sunshine. For journeys where less light is needed, this seven-seat MPV provides a fully electric sunblind, controlled at the touch of a button. Offering versatility for whatever life throws your way, the Picasso provides a great option for drivers needing a car they can rely on. 

Best Features

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso key features:

  • This seven-seat MPV is the perfect family car, offering masses of space throughout
  • Price range: £5,000 – £18,500
  • Family-friendly touches include rear sunblinds and a second rear-view mirror
  • A range of petrol and diesel engines available, offering economical options
  • Equipped with a panoramic sunroof on Exclusive+, Flair and Platinum models

7. 7. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Volkswagen Tiguan

Combining renowned German design and build quality with a number of fuel-efficient engine options, the Volkswagen Tiguan might be ideal for you if you’re looking for reliability, space and considered ease-of-life features. The Tiguan maintains its middle-of-the-range size while still offering enough room for the whole family, making both short commutes and longer journeys a pleasure for everyone on board. With its well-crafted and comfortable interiors, along with its stunning tilt and slide panoramic sunroof, the Volkswagen Tiguan allows for scenic and stress-free driving, whatever the circumstance.

Best Features

Volkswagen Tiguan key features:

  • Offers plenty of charging points, keeping devices topped up when on the move
  • Price range: £14,000 – £55,000
  • A well-made interior, with generous rear seat area and boot, providing plenty of space
  • Smart and classy design, with the R-Line version offering a sportier twist
  • A panoramic sunroof is included as standard on SEL, Elegance, R-Line and R models

8. 8. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: MG ZS EV

As one of the most budget-friendly electric vehicles on the market today, the MG ZS EV provides an affordable and enjoyable driving experience without scrimping  on any of its plentiful equipment and modern features. Prioritising practicality and space, this SUV is a great option for families that need that extra bit of breathing room over longer journeys. With certain models offering a full-panoramic sunroof, along with the ability to open up its front section at the press of a button, you’ll enjoy beautiful sunlit views without parting with an arm and a leg in exchange.

Best Features

MG ZS EV key features:

  • The MG ZS EV is one of the most affordable used electric SUVs
  • Price range: £20,000 – £35,000
  • With a practical and spacious interior, it’s no less roomy than the petrol MG ZS model
  • MG offers a ‘Long Range’ model, with a far larger battery and a range of 273 miles
  • The panoramic sunroof is included with Exclusive, Trophy and Trophy Connect models

9. 9. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Volvo XC90

With this next offering, Volvo presents drivers with a question: Are you looking for an affordable, spacious and well-designed seven-seater, able to take the whole family on long journeys while still providing comfort and numerous safety features? Would you also like that vehicle to come with an optional added full-length tilting panoramic sunroof, fitted with a fully electric sunblind? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, the Volvo XC90 could be the perfect car for you and your family. Combining ease of use with a fantastic selection of internal equipment as standard, the XC90 should remain firmly on your radar.

Best Features

Volvo XC90 key features:

  • Volvo’s largest SUV offers space for up to seven adults to sit in comfort
  • Price range: £22,000 – £75,000
  • One of the safest cars around, offering features to avoid or reduce effects of collisions
  • Providing petrol and diesel options, along with the popular plug-in hybrid T8 model
  • While a panoramic sunroof is included on most versions, it’s still worth checking specs

10. 10. The best cars with panoramic sunroofs: Fiat 500

We’re wrapping up this list with a sleek and stylish run-around which needs no introduction: the charming Fiat 500. Pairing iconic design with a compact and nimble body, the Fiat 500 makes for a reliable and eye-catching urban vehicle and a star choice for first-time drivers. In addition to the wide range of personalisation options available, the 500 gives the choice of a fixed sunroof, complete with a manual sunblind. Blending retro design with modern functionality, the Fiat 500 earns its reputation as one of the best small cars in the space.

Best Features

Fiat 500 key features:

  • A compact city car, fantastic for driving and parking in urban areas
  • Price range: £2,000 – £18,000
  • Smaller engines with low road tax make the Fiat 500 very cheap to run
  • The Fiat 500s’ retro look stands out, with vast personalisation possibilities
  • Its glass roof is included with many models, including the Lounge and Dolcevita

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