Annual insurance can be one of the biggest motoring costs for car owners, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to save money or you have a set budget to meet, then our top 10 best vehicles for cheap insurance are well worth a look. Conveniently, these cars also offer low running costs and affordable starting prices, in both the new and used car market. 


There are 1-50 car insurance groups that represent the many different vehicles on our roads and the vast range of cars on the market. Group 1 is the lowest and cheapest of insurance categories, with the price bracket rising with the ascending numbers. To get the lowest possible insurance group rating, choose: 

  • A smaller-sized car 
  • A small and less powerful engine
  • A car with added safety and security equipment


When it comes to the best cars for cheap insurance, small city vehicles with frugal engines come to the front. These types of vehicles sit within low insurance groups and, naturally, dominate our list below. However, rest assured the top 10 best cars for cheap insurance offer much more than the extra money you’ll save on a low cost policy. Read on to discover our top picks.