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  • Going on a road trip in an EV is easy thanks to the new longer car ranges and the expanding charging network
  • We’ve listed the best electric cars for road trips from 10 different car brands
  • Find out which affordable electric cars have the longest range
  • Learn the other unique features that make each EV on this list especially suited to road trips like storage and infotainment systems


There are few kinds of travel better than road trips. With nothing but the open road ahead of you, stunning landscapes rolling by, conversations with your friends and family, and – of course – a great playlist, it makes for one of the best kinds of holiday.

Until recently, going on a road trip in an EV was relatively challenging. The cars couldn’t cover much distance between charges, leading to ‘range anxiety’. There also weren’t so many charging stations away from big service stations, making it harder to be spontaneous. 

Luckily, that’s all changing. By the end of February 2023, there were almost 39,000 public charging points in the UK, with charging points even in remote locations like John O’Groats or Snowdonia National Park. Most EVs today also have a range of at least 150 miles on a single charge – and the EVs in our list of the best electric cars for road trips offer considerably more. 

What makes an EV a good choice for road trips?

We’ve selected the best electric cars for road trips from 10 brands. Here are some of the key questions we asked ourselves about what makes an EV especially good for this kind of driving:

  • Can you travel long distances? The best electric cars for road trips should have a good range – that’ll give you the freedom to be spontaneous and head away from the planned route without worrying about the batteries running out. 
  • Is it comfortable?Each road trip is different, but assuming you’re driving several hours each day for at least a few days, you’ll probably need an EV with features like ergonomic seats, air con, temperature control and enough space for all your passengers. 
  • Does it have a decent infotainment system?We don’t know about you, but our ideal road trip involves listening to loads of songs and podcasts so the best EV definitely needs a solid infotainment offering. 
  • Is there enough space? Whether you’re spending a night or two away from home or travelling for the day with your whole family, you’ll want a car with plenty of space for suitcases, camping gear, children’s toys and any essentials or creature comforts.

The 10 best electric cars for road trips

Ready to hit the road? Here’s our selection of 10 fantastic EVs which are especially well suited to road trips. 

1. Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Volkswagen’s classic camper van gets a battery-powered upgrade in the ID.Buzz, making our list of the best electric cars for road trips

This super spacious EV has a flexible interior, with seats you can fold down and sleep a couple of passengers in (a good option for an impromptu camping trip). There’s loads of space in the boot for carrying everything you could need, and it also has a lot of headroom, making it comfortable for taller passengers on longer drives. 

The ID.Buzz is based on the same platform as VW’s ID.3 (which is a hatchback), so it drives more like a car and is more comfortable than a ‘regular’ van. At the same time, the driver and passenger will be seated upright, giving amazing views of the landscape. This also makes it easier to view the road which can be especially helpful when you’re driving in unfamiliar places. 

There’s currently just one battery option for the ID.Buzz, but it’s big and offers an impressive 258 miles of range. It also charges fast – from 5% to 80% in just 30 minutes of rapid charge. That’s enough time to enjoy a coffee and take in the views before getting back on the road. The van also has plenty of USB points, meaning everyone can charge their devices and stay entertained. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 258 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – van
  • Charge time – 30 mins for 5-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

2. Kia EV6

The superb Kia EV6 is one of the best electric cars for road trips available today, and we really like the design of this SUV. It’s low to the ground, enjoyable to drive, and handles motorway cruising very well. And we’re not alone in our praise, with the Kia EV6 winning the 2022 European Car of the Year award. 

Most road trips will see you carrying quite a bit of luggage and the 490 litres of boot space in the EV6 is plenty for weekend bags, tents and suitcases. It’s also really comfortable inside with a completely flat floor that gives all passengers plenty of room. It has an up-to-date infotainment system and sound system from world-class speaker brand Meridian – great when you’re all singing along to your favourite songs. 

The range on the EV6 also makes it an ideal road tripper. With up to 328 miles, you’ll rarely need to visit charging stations more than once per day. What’s more, with a rapid charge time of just 18 minutes (10-80%), you won’t be waiting around long either. 

Another thing we really like is the car’s vehicle-to-load technology. That’s a fancy way of saying you can plug in ordinary domestic devices and power them from the car – you’ll be able to boil a kettle and make fresh cups of tea after a night of camping!

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 328 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77.4kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – Crossover SUV
  • Charge time – 18 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 7 hr 20 mins for 0-100% (home wallbox)

3. Peugeot e-208

Everyone’s idea of the perfect road trip is different. For some, it’s all about the outdoor activities, for others, it’s about exploring new towns, cities or countries. The Peugeot e-208 is the perfect car for all that and more. The car has loads of accessories, meaning you can customise it to the kind of road trips you like – think roof bars to carry bikes or skis or top boxes for all your gear.

Although the Peugeot e-208 is smaller than the other cars on this list, we still think it’s a great road tripper. It has a good range (up to 225 miles) and fast charging (30 minutes rapid from 20-80%), and it’s also really nice to drive – handling just like the petrol Peugeot 208. The fact it’s on the smaller side is appealing too, especially if you’re visiting towns and villages with narrow streets on your next adventure.

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 225 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 50kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Style/body – Hatchback
  • Charge time – 30 mins for 20-80% (rapid), 7 hr 5 mins for 0-100% (home wallbox)

4. Skoda Enyaq iV

The Enyaq iV is a really practical SUV that’s packed with great features that’ll make your road trip even more enjoyable. Add an impressive 333 miles of range and decent rapid charging, and the Enyaq makes for one of the best electric cars for road trips

We particularly like the driving experience here – it’s solidly built, meaning it can handle bumpy roads, bends, and potholes and has a smooth but powerful acceleration, which makes overtaking a breeze. 

Besides the driving experience, this car offers a spacious, comfortable interior. For road tripping, it’s got thoughtful features, such as a bespoke smartphone app that lets you pre-warm the car before starting your journey, heated seats and Skoda’s ‘Simply Clever’ technologies – designs which make using the car that much nicer. The large boot (585 litres) also provides loads of room for all your weekend bags. 

The Enyaq is available with a full ‘dog-friendly’ kit, including a rubber boot mat and a special back seat ‘hammock’ so you can safely take your furry friends on the ride with you. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 333 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car – SUV
  • Charge time – 29 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 7 hrs 30 mins for 0-100% (home wallbox)

5. Cupra Born

The Cupra Born is an affordable electric car with a long range of 335 miles. That makes it a great option for road trips – giving you the combo of lower costs and the ability to drive all day without needing to recharge. 

Although it’s smaller than other cars on this list, this hatchback still has a decent amount of space inside, including cleverly-placed storage between the front seats. Its compact body makes it a particularly appealing option if you’re more interested in road trips where you plan to visit towns and cities (especially abroad) where parking and narrow roads could be an issue. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 335 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Style/body – Hatchback
  • Charge time – 38 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

6. Audi Q4 e-tron

This spacious family car is supremely comfortable, smooth and quiet, making it a joy to drive on long-distance road trips. It also has an impressive range of up to 300 miles, which is great for such a large car. Pair that with very fast charging (20 minutes of rapid charging for 10-80%), and this is already shaping up to be the best electric car for road trips that Audi produces. 

Inside, it’s all very refined, as you’d expect from this up-market manufacturer. The infotainment system is large and easy to use, tilted a little towards the driver’s side. All models get parking sensors, climate control, a reversing camera and other tech, such as USB charging points. The leather trim seats feel premium, and there are heated seats up front too. 

This is a family car at heart, so there are lots of features which make it great for taking the kids on holiday. As with many electric cars, the floor is flat, giving you plenty of space inside for passengers and luggage. The boot is also one of the largest on this list, with its 520 litres providing lots of room for all your bags and equipment. The doors also open wide for getting car seats in, and the boot has a small load lip, so it’s easy to access heavier items without bending or leaning too much. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 300 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 77kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Type of electric car- compact SUV
  • Charge time – 20 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 8 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

7. MG5 EV

Next up on our list, this affordable electric car with a long range is a great option for road trips. The MG5 EV is an estate that gives you loads of room in the boot to carry your bags on longer journeys. There’s also plenty of room for three passengers in the back, thanks to its virtually flat floor. We particularly like the dual-floor boot, which lets you keep charging cables stored safely underneath all your luggage.

The 326-mile range on this car is ideal for longer journeys, plus it has the option of added roof bars for carrying camping boxes or bicycles for family adventures. It’s also able to tow small trailers up to 500kg, meaning you’ll have even more storage. 

There’s also lots of decent tech inside, including two USB ports, so everyone can charge their devices. Driving assist features take some of the strain out of longer journeys, and the infotainment system is surprisingly good for a budget EV

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 326 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 61kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Style/body – Estate
  • Charge time – 35 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 10 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

8. BMW iX

The BMW iX is easily one of the best electric cars for road trips available today, combining all the things the German manufacturer is known for – great engineering, easy but fun handling, luxury levels of comfort and plenty of impressive tech. Not to mention the seriously impressive 391 miles of range. 

This is BMW’s largest electric SUV, so you can be sure there’ll be more than enough space to carry all your bags and gear, especially thanks to its 500-litre boot. It’s spacious inside, meaning passengers will never feel cooped up on long drives. And its four-zone climate control and USB charging points give you the essential tech you need. It also has a huge infotainment screen which clearly displays your road trip route and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring. 

It’s a big car, but positioning it is a bit easier thanks to all-around parking sensors and a reversing camera. It also offers all-wheel drive thanks to its dual electric motors, meaning you can feel confident driving whatever the weather throws at you. We also really like how safe it is, coming out on top in Euro NCAP’s (a testing body) 2021 safety ratings.

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 391 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 111.5kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Style/body – SUV
  • Charge time – 34 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 10-100% (home wallbox)

9. Ford Mustang Mach-e

The Mustang Mach-e packs a huge range (up to 379 miles), making it a great option for long-distance driving. But that’s not the only thing that makes it one of the best electric cars for road trips

Storage is not a problem with this car’s 402-litre boot and extra space under the car’s nose. That’s not the most on this list, but still enough for a decent adventure. 

When it comes to driving, this is a really accomplished EV and feels as solidly built as other Ford cars. It’s got nice steering and body control, and if you opt for the sportier Mustang Mach-e GT, it accelerates incredibly fast.

Inside, there’s loads of great tech, like a 15.5-inch infotainment screen that hooks up to your Apple/Android devices, phone charging pads, USB ports and more. It also comes with the FordPass smartphone app, which you can use as a car key. We really like the addition of heated seats and steering wheel, making this car a cosy cocoon on winter drives.

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 379 miles
  • Battery size – Up to 88kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Style/body – SUV
  • Charge time – 45 mins for 10-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 0-100% (home wallbox)

10. Mercedes EQC

The Mercedes EQC is a great option for road trips since it’s packed with loads of clever technology, provides a comfortable driving experience and offers decent boot space. All this gives you everything you need for an enjoyable adventure. Its 255-mile range isn’t to be sniffed at either. 

This large SUV offers a lot of interior space, and passengers will have more than enough room to spread out on longer journeys. If you want to bring even more gear than the 500-litre boot allows, the EQC can tow up to 1,800kg, making it more than capable of bringing everything you need for your next trip. 

As you’d expect, there are loads of charging ports up front and in the rear for keeping devices going. It also comes with two 10.25-inch display screens, which makes it easy to deal with the infotainment system while continuing to navigate with the GPS. 

Best Features

  • Range – Up to 255 miles
  • Battery size – 80kWh
  • Doors – 5
  • Style/body – SUV
  • Charge time – 40 minutes for 10-80% (rapid), 11 hrs for 10-100% (home wallbox)

The best electric cars for road trips

Nowadays, a growing number of EVs today can compete with petrol or diesel cars when it comes to long-distance, multi-day driving. Thanks to their ever-extending ranges, more rapid charging options, and a growing charging network, it’s really just a case of finding a car with the tech, comfort, and size you want that suits your budget. 

Find the best electric car for your next road trip with Motors and start planning your adventure. 

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