Today, car manufacturers provide an increasingly diverse range of models to meet the specific needs of modern lifestyles, offering greater practicality often with a family-friendly focus. One such niche that has grown in popularity in recent years is the family MPV car. These mini MPVs (multipurpose vehicles) are based on smaller supermini offerings, but with taller roofs and elongated bodies for increased practicality. They’re touted as the ultimate transport for those needing space for the kids. In addition, they tend to have good fuel economy and the city nippiness of a Ford Fiesta or Renault Clio. However, are they worth the extra pounds? Well, we’re going to find out and put some of the best family MPV cars to the test.

In the first in a series of ‘Will it Fit?’ videos, we trial a trio of the best mini MPVs on the market in a number of real-world scenarios. From a trip to the tip, a dash to the supermarket with the little one in tow, to a full-blown weekend at the grandparents, we assess the load and passenger space of each vehicle to see how they fare.

The multipurpose vehicles we’ve selected to put under our test microscope are the innovative Ford B-Max, which increases practicality with its clever, pillar-less rear doors, the Skoda Roomster with its multi-adjustable interior, and the Kia Venga, which provides a strong ownership proposition with its seven-year warranty. So, if you’re tempted by the extra practicality that these cars claim to provide, watch the video below and keep reading to see whether they really meet your requirements.

Why buy an MPV?

A family MPV car is a great car choice for those looking for a practical vehicle that doesn’t break the bank. These van-based MPVs have lots of space inside the cabin, they’re easy to get in and out of, and they’re often quite fuel efficient too. And don’t let their bulkier dimensions put you off either, many MPVs can be easy and quite enjoyable to drive as well. Whilst we’ll be focusing on 5-seater mini MPVs in this article and video, you can also get bigger multipurpose vehicles that offer a middle row to provide 7 seats – a handy feature for larger families and for those who enjoy lots of day trips with friends and family.


  • Highly practical
  • Spacious cabin
  • Seven-seater options


  • Not as desirable as SUVs
  • Boxy styling
  • Not the most thrilling to drive (although that’s not an MPVs focus)

1. Skoda Roomster

Built on the same chassis as the Skoda Fabia, the Skoda Roomster wins our ‘Will it Fit’ family test, coming first in all of our real-world trials. It offers a big boot and sliding rear seats that can be easily removed, creating lots of space for when travelling with additional holiday luggage or sports equipment. Whilst its styling is a tad quirky and unique, and perhaps not to everyone’s taste, it is certainly a functional design that allows this family car to offer a large and roomy cabin with lots of leg and headroom, providing plenty of interior space in both the front and back. It’s definitely a practical car for families as well, and best of all it’s easy to drive and it has good fuel efficiency too.

Best Features


  • Spacious & practical cabin
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Easy to drive


  • Unique styling
  • Heavy rear seats
  • Basic engines

Used prices from: £1,000

Real-world fuel consumption: 32-67mpg

CO2: 135-159g/km

2. Kia Venga

Offering an excellent amount of headroom, the Kia Venga came second overall in our tests. It also has a spacious interior that is comfortable and offers a decent amount of standard equipment in the mid-range trims. Although not the most inspiring to drive, it does provide excellent practicality and Kia’s impressive 7-year/100,000 miles warranty. Kia’s parent company, Hyundai, has a similar family car that shares the same chassis and engines as the Kia Venga, so if you like the look of this vehicle, we’d also recommend checking out the Hyundai ix20. That way you can find the best deal going to suit your needs and budget.

Best Features


  • Spacious interior
  • 7-year warranty
  • Comfortable


  • Basic cabin quality
  • Limited engine choice
  • Outdated looks

Used prices from: £1,400

Real-world fuel consumption: 47-62mpg

CO2: 115-139g/km

3. Ford B-Max – Official fuel economy / True MPG

Whilst the Ford B-Max came third out of the three cars in our real-world tests, it still has its selling points. And of course, it’s on this list in the first place, which means as a family MPV car, we rate it highly. It has clever sliding doors to the rear seats for added practicality and it has a practical interior layout. Plus, it’s a great multipurpose vehicle to drive. In fact, when it comes to driveability, we think it’s one of the best family MPV cars on the market, which will be an appealing aspect in itself to many drivers.

Best Features


  • Great to drive
  • Economic EcoBoost engine
  • Rear sliding doors


  • Boot not as large as rivals
  • Rear sliding doors can be heavy to close
  • Limited trim options

Used prices from: £2,000

Real-world fuel consumption: 27-67mpg

CO2: 104-149g/km


And so there you have it, in our mini MPV trials the Skoda Roomster is our top pick for boot practicality, winning all of our real-world tests in our ‘Will it Fit?’ challenge. The Kia Venga came second, with the Ford B-Max in third place. Of course, there’s more to a family MPV car than just the practicality of its boot. You also have to consider its fuel economy and how it drives, and most importantly, how it meets your personal expectations.

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