Most of us have done it, although we may not like to admit it – hitting another person’s parked car can be a stressful experience for all parties.

Whether the incident has resulted in a scratch, dent or bump, what should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

Our research has revealed that one in five motorists have admitted to damaging another driver’s car and fleeing the scene, also known as a ‘dent and run’. Accidents happen, but if you’re the one who hit the parked car (and the owner is not in sight), taking responsibility is the right thing to do.

Here are our five tips to follow if you accidentally damage another person’s car:

1. DON’T panic. Treat this as you would any other accident and remember to take a photo of any damage to their car and yours

2. DO leave a note on the windscreen of the car with your name, address, phone number and an explanation of the accident – honesty is the best policy

3. DO take a note of information about the vehicle – make, model and license plate. Note any special circumstances that contributed to the accident (slippery roads, no light, vehicle sticking out)

4. DON’T just leave without giving your information. If you do get caught and haven’t owned up, you could end up with a charge for criminal damage

5. DO decide with the third party whether you want to contact your insurance company or pay the repair bill yourself – but bear in mind that your insurer may require you to notify them of any accidents, even if it’s only minor and you don’t want to make a claim