Volkswagen has added a wide-ranging series of updates for both its ID.3 and ID.4 electric models.

The German firm has now streamlined the specifications list for both cars, making it easier and quicker to find the right model. They were previously only available in pre-configured trim levels, however, these changes mean that buyers are able to pick a specification and then tailor it via a range of option packs.

For example, the Infotainment Package Plus can now be added to any car regardless of specification.

Volkswagen has also made the spec list more streamlined by eliminating both Business and Tech trim levels.

The price of the ID.3 has also been revised, reducing many models to below the £35,000 threshold for the government’s £2,500 plug-in car grant. For instance, both the Family Pro and Family Pro Performance now fall from £33,640 and £34,960 to £31,140 and £32,460 respectively after the grant has been applied.

The Max and top-of-the-range Tour models have had £3,800 taken off their starting price, changing them to £38,800 and £37,730 respectively.

A range of new paint colours has also been added to both cars, allowing people to tailor their car even closer to their needs.