Updated: 12/04/21


Car dealerships have been given the green light to open. After many months of having to operate via click-and-collect or solely online, dealerships can now welcome back buyers to their forecourts and showrooms – providing everyone wears a mask and remains socially distanced. You can find out more about the restrictions here.

How can I buy a car if I need to get one?

From April 12, you’ll be able to buy a car as per ‘normal’ methods. Dealerships will be allowed to operate under the same rules they followed last summer, allowing buyers to visit and view both new and used cars – though they’ll need to wear a face-covering while doing so.

Can I test drive a car beforehand?

Under recent lockdown restrictions, test drives have been difficult to organise. However, from April 12, interested buyers will once more be allowed to take a new car for a spin in order to see if they like it. However, they will likely need to be conducted unaccompanied, with the dealer remaining at the site rather than in the passenger seat.

Will cars be cleaned before delivery?

Absolutely. Dealerships have to thoroughly clean and sanitise cars before they’re delivered or allowed out for test drive, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about having a car delivered to your door.


Many of the coronavirus-related restrictions in Wales have been eased. On March 27, the country’s Stay at Home policy was lifted, replaced by a ‘Stay Local’ message. The public is now allowed to travel within Wales and the wider UK once again. If you’d like to read more about the restrictions, take a look here.

Dealerships in Wales have now been allowed to re-open once again too, meaning that buyers can now venture to the dealership to browse the latest models.


First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced further easing of coronavirus restrictions in Scotland, allowing non-essential retail – including car dealership – to reopen from April 5. Though members of the public will be free to visit outdoor car forecourts, they will require an appointment to view cars inside the showroom itself.

The full list of Scottish restrictions can be found here.

Northern Ireland

Car retailers in Northern Ireland are now allowed to invite customers to their sites, only in the open air. Buyers won’t be able to venture into the dealership showroom. The full list of restrictions can be found here.