Four-wheel drive is good for many things: serious off-roaders, quadbikes, tractors… It’s also pretty handy for rally cars, with drivers able to throw their cars around corners at ludicrous speeds – without ending up in the trees – as the car constantly shuffles power to the tyres with the most grip.

Another driver who makes the most of four-wheel drive is tyre torturer extraordinaire Ken Block, who is famed for sliding his race-prepped Ford Fiesta around tight courses at physics-defying speeds. In his latest exploits, the driver has got behind the wheel of the upcoming Ford Focus RS, which packs a hefty 318bhp and four-wheel drive.

Showing off the recently unveiled model, Block slides the car around Ford’s Cologne factory in the same vein as his infamous Gymkhana videos, squeezing through tiny gaps and pushing the Focus’s 2.3-litre turbocharged engine to the limit, with the requisite rorty sound track. Watch for yourself in the video above.

                Video: Ford Europe