F1 driver Sebastian Vettel hasn’t had the best of years. After dominating the top-tier of motorsport for four years, he and his Red Bull team have struggled to stay competitive against the might of Mercedes AMG, which recently collected both the Constructor’s and Driver’s title with Lewis Hamilton winning in Abu Dhabi last weekend.

It seems a downbeat season hasn’t taken the spark out of Vettel’s notoriously mischievous personality – the 27-year-old has been dressing up in disguise to fool unsuspecting customers at a German Infiniti dealership.

The above video may be filmed entirely in German, but it’s easy enough to get the jist. Customers looking for a demonstration of Infiniti’s latest models are directed to Vettel, who, wearing a distinctly hillbilly mullet, poses as a service technician and takes them on what they expect to be a gentle test ride.

Predictably, what starts off a serene cruise soon turns into a white-knuckle ride, as Vettel starts driving like only a man of his talents can, leading to all manner of reactions from his unsuspecting victims.

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