Vauxhall has announced that it will revive one of its most classic nameplates as the brand aims to become ‘electric-only’ by 2028. 

Announcing a raft of new EVs that the brand will launch in the coming years, Vauxhall has confirmed that the Manta nameplate will return. This is one of the firm’s most iconic models, with this rear-wheel-drive sports car sold between 1970 and 1988. 

Though the Manta name is likely to be used for a model of a different body style to the classic – likely a sleek coupe-style SUV – it shows the brand’s commitment to its heritage, with the model set to arrive with ‘purely electric drive’ by 2025. Vauxhall has said the new Manta will be a ‘fascinating and astoundingly spacious new interpretation of a classic’. It follows Ford and Renault, which are both set to revive classic model names for new EVs.


Vauxhall has also confirmed that the electric Astra-e, which has already been announced in hatchback form, will also be sold as a Sports Tourer estate. Both of these versions are set to launch in 2023. The brand has also announced that the successors to its Crossland and Insignia will also just be sold as an EV when they launch, though it’s unclear if their names will change. 

The brand has previously announced its intention to become an electric brand by 2028 – seven years ahead of the government’s deadline – with Vauxhall already having seven electrified cars on the market (including hybrids) and EV versions of its three vans. 

Vauxhall has also hinted that longer-range EVs are in the pipeline, with the brand saying its electric cars will include ‘driving ranges of between 310 miles and 497 miles’. Its cars are also set to be able to charge at a rate of 20 miles of range per minute.