Vauxhall is introducing a used-car warranty that’s close to the one it gives on new cars. The car maker shook up the industry last year by becoming the first to offer a ‘lifetime’ warranty across its model range. But one big drawback for buyers has been that this benefit ended if the car was sold. Unlike other new-car warranties, it couldn’t be transferred to second or successive owners.

Now the warranty is extended to second-hand vehicles. As with the cover given on new cars, there are restrictions. For Vauxhall, ‘lifetime’ means 100,000 miles. And there’s no time limit so a 10-year-old Astra that’s showing 80,000 miles will still be covered. To maintain the warranty, the car needs to be checked at least once-yearly by a Vauxhall dealer. ‘Lifetime’ cover will be restricted to second-hand vehicles sold by Vauxhall dealers under the Network Q used-car scheme and then only if they’re no more than a year old and have covered fewer than 30,000 miles.

Such cars will also come with the balance of their three-year/60,000-mile warranties from new. But the biggest ‘catch’ is that, as with the warranty given with Vauxhall's new cars, those buying under the Network Q scheme won’t be able to ‘sell’ the warranty along with the car: it is not transferable from one owner to the next.

The 'lifetime' warranty reduces in scope after three years. While it covers the engine, gearbox and other major components, it excludes cabin trim and items you'd expect to wear out during the car's life.