Lovingly romantic gestures will have been rife today, and will no doubt continue on into this weekend. Dinner dates, cinema trips, walks in the park; all very lovely, but a bit conventional. We want to know what happened to the weird, wonderful and outlandish.

Getting back to the grandeur from whence Valentine came; we have ideas to spark feelings of passion and desire in a way no box of chocolates could possibly do. (Could they ever?)

The biggest surprises can be derived from taking the mundane and giving it a new lease of life. Your car is the perfect starting point when looking to make a last minute show-stopping display of adoration towards your partner. Fill their car with a bounty of loose stemmed flowers or balloons to give them the most dramatic drive of their life!

Hide helium filled balloons for a real treat. Coax your partner to open the boot of your car by letting them know there’s a little gift in there. Watch their delight as the balloons float out and up to reveal their Valentine’s present. (Yes, we strongly advise you put one in there!)

Want to propose marriage, but not sure how to go about it? Dress the boot of your car with cushions and throws, and include a hamper of fine food and drink. Drive off into the sunset and park at a shared favoured vantage point before opening the door on your boutique picnic area. Whilst your partner is busy relishing in the goodies before them, you have chance to reach for that ring to make your proposal! Whatever you decide to attempt over the Valentine’s period, be bold! Your love isn’t in half measures, so why should your gestures be any different?