After Volkswagen announced that the new Golf would be revealed mid-way through 2019, we didn’t think that it would be seen until then.

But it appears the German marque has let out the cat out of the bag, as what appears to be the new version of the popular hatchback has been snapped by an Instagram user.

Instagrammer johannes.vag posted two pictures of what appeared to be the eighth generation Golf making its way through a McDonald’s drive-thru. It looks unmistakably like a Golf but incorporates similar styling to some of the brand’s recently released offerings, such as the Polo.

Having been around since 1974, the Golf is always one of the most important car launches and this new version will come with the latest upgrades from Volkswagen’s catalogue.

That includes a new chassis—the latest MQB Evo platform—and new technology, likely to be in the form of extra safety assistance systems and larger interior displays.

Although unconfirmed, it is expected that this Golf will come with mild-hybrid and all-electric versions much like the current seventh generation, while sporty GTI and R versions are almost a certainty at some point in this iteration’s life.

In the UK, the Golf is usually only beaten by the Ford Fiesta in terms of popularity and continues to be one of the most popular hatchbacks in Europe.

Despite getting a pretty good look here, it’s likely we’ll get the full reveal in early summer when the full details about the eighth generation Golf will be unveiled as well.