In America it’s a common phenomenon – at least, if we believe movie franchises – but in the UK taking a road trip for your holiday isn’t all that usual. Maybe for students or giggling groups of friends, the road trip is an everyday occurrence, but most of us prefer our holidays to be a little more relaxing and hopefully, avoid the roads wherever possible!

But here at Motors we like to wheel-spin in the face of tradition, and instead we encourage you to hop into your second hand car this summer and take a road trip to explore Britain – after all, this is the year where the eyes of the world are turning towards our sceptre isle. For those off on their road trip holidays, here’s our ultimate playlist to help you power through those hours (and hours) of driving…

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen Fire up the engine and start the way you mean to go on: loud, proud and roaring down those country roads. Springsteen is surely the king of road-trips, and with a little help from Thunder Road you’ll be on your way in no time.

Drive My Car – The Beatles You’ve hit your stride and enjoying the freedom of the open road, so a jaunty tune from The Beatles hits the spot perfectly. Plus, if you need to swap driving duties with your passenger, it’s great to sing at them until they get the hint.

Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads All road trips have their bad points, and it’s likely you’re going to get lost at some point. Don’t fear though – it’s never the Road to Nowhere, just the road to Milton Keynes.

I Drove All Night – Roy Orbinson Ploughing through the night isn’t always the most fun experience on a road trip, but sometimes – as the song suggests – it can be worth it. Remember to keep awake and pull over if you’re tired.

Get Around – Beach Boys Nothing spells summer like the Beach Boys. The melodic gang will rouse you from your early morning driving with this seminal pop anthem that’s perfect for road trips.

Summertime – Mungo Jerry No, wait – nothing spells summer like Summertime by Mungo Jerry. Whatever mood you or your passengers might be in, the sound of someone blowing on a jug combined with the bouncy strings in this tune won’t fail to get you back in the summertime spirit.

Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles There’s a time in any road trip where one person threatens to stop the car, and the other person threatens to walk the rest of the way home, then you stop, they get out, then you shout, then you get back in and listen to this song.

Crash – The Primitives We’re hoping you don’t take the advice of this song literally, and instead play it safe while you simply rock out to this classic song about a break-up. Or an horrific car accident.

Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac The whole point of a road trip is to explore the country and make your own way in the world, so it’s no wonder that we’ve chosen Go Your Own Way as the final song in our playlist. We hope that you keep that sentiment with you even when you’re back from your holiday – always go your own way!