Toyota has moved to give a five-year warranty on all its new cars. The new backing applies from June 1 to all UK-registered cars from the entry model of its Aygo city four-seater, costing £8220, to its dearest model, the Land Cruiser V8, which is priced at £55,115.

Previously Toyota gave a three-year/60,000 miles maker-backed warranty, matching that of most of its competitors. The move, which also extends the mileage limit to 100,000, puts them in line with Hyundai, which has offered a 5yr warranty on all its new cars for some years.

Only Kia ds better by offering seven-year, 100,000-mile cover across its range. Toyota's action is backed by a new television advertising campaign using the brand slogan ‘Your Toyota is My Toyota’. In the ads, Toyota factory staff talk about the pride they have in building cars.

Toyota also intends to boost its image after a spell in which its previously enviable reputation for building reliable cars took a severe hit.. The company was forced to recall millions of cars world wide after it emerged that a fault with throttle pedals meant that they could become sticky or even jam halfway open.

Dealers in the UK worked longer hours than usual and even stayed open throughout weekends to check and where necessary repair cars quickly.

The company is also launching a key new car, a version of its Auris small hatchback powered by combined petrol and electric engines, which promises excellent fuel economy and low carbon dioxide emissions.

Toyota’s actions are also good news for second-hand buyers, who will soon be able to buy nearly-new cars with four years or more of cover still remaining, making them in warranty terms cheaper and better buys than many new cars.