Christmas is a busy time of year for most of us, but some find it an ideal period to do a little less driving and a little more relaxing. However, things can still go wrong even if your car is stationary.

With call out numbers predicted to increase over the days between Christmas and New Year, LV= Britannia Rescue recommends motorists undertake the following to help avoid any winter worries:

Running the engine a couple of times or taking a short drive over the Christmas break will help revive your battery,

If you know that your car won’t be used much over the holidays then check your battery and make sure the terminals are tight and not corroded.

If your car struggles to start, use the ignition in short five-second bursts, leaving thirty seconds between attempts for the battery to recover.

Glare can be dangerous this time of year – keep windscreens clean both inside and out, as dirt or salt build-up will magnify the effect of the sun.

Using some antifreeze (check your cars handbook for advice on this) in your coolant system can help prevent your engine from freezing up.

Keep some de-icer in your home or garage. If your car’s not been used for a while then the car doors may freeze up from the cold weather. Having de-icer in the car won’t be helpful if you can’t get into it.

Make sure that you have contact details handy for your car insurer and breakdown provider.

Selwyn Fernandes, Managing Director of LV= Britannia Rescue said: “For many of us, the Christmas period is a great opportunity to rest and relax, but when it comes to returning to work there are things you can do to avoid a car-tastrophe.

“Simple things like starting the engine up a few times and keeping some de-icer in the garage can make a world of difference when it comes to the first back-to-work commute. We want drivers to be able to get where they need to be, so we’re offering these hints and tips to help avoid the stress of a breakdown.”