Each month on Motors.co.uk we’ll be profiling a selection of cars at the 5k, 10k and 20k mark that are perfect for car connoisseurs and petrol heads. This month, we’ve got that classic and much loved British car brand, Triumph. This iconic car manufacturer ceased vehicle production in 1984, around 100 years after they first started, so their cars have a particular ‘vintage’ style that appeals to those of us who want to relive the glory days of stylish and solid British design.

Even those of us with a small budget to spend can get our hands on a beautiful second hand Triumph: this fantastic racing green Triumph Stag 3.5 V8 is only £5,000. With a full service history and still looking great after 39 years, the car also benefits from good quality black leather interior, wood interior trim, allow wheels and – for when the good weather finally arrives – a convertible roof. Indulge your love of the 70s and blast some Donna Summer out from the tape deck while wearing a golden medallion; it’s also great for couples or those of us who just need something small to get around town (and maybe country) in.

From the same year but at a slightly higher price range is the Triumph TR6, also a convertible. In a beautiful bright ‘pimento red’ and with the original black interior, this is a striking vehicle that comes in at just under £10,000. Wood interior trim and a mohair hood are just a couple of the gorgeous design details on this car, with its looks backed up by the nippy engine with a top speed of 120 miles per hour. The TR6 model is very much like the TR5 in looks, but with a sharp, squared off front and back that gives it a unique, modern look.

At the top end of our budget (actually, just over the £20,000 mark but it’s worth it!) is this incredible Triumph TR3A with a white exterior and bold, red leather interior – including the dashboard. The organic lines of this Triumph reflect the true pioneering design spirit of the 1960s, with unique features like the low cut doors and super-curvy wheel arches reflecting the zenith of swinging sixties style. Just like our other Triumphs, this is a convertible too, and in matching red for the leather interior. Original design features have been restored, while the engine has been upgraded to the 2.2 engine, helping to give it a little more power. A fantastic used car for any vintage aficionado and a must for classic car lovers everywhere!