There’s never been a better time to get a good value electric car. On the market today, there’s a great range of EVs at affordable prices that come well-equipped with all manner of high-tech features. Of course, you still have your super EVs like the Tesla Model S and Jaguar i-Pace that cost from and above £60K-£100K. Yet lower priced electric cars can still offer great performance and excellent range (check out our top 10 list of the Best Long Range Electric Cars to learn more).

Choosing an Electric Car

Whilst electric cars typically cost a bit more in the short term compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, they do promise much lower running costs and can offer excellent long-term value. They’re eco-friendly to boot, which is great for the planet and for generations to come.
Typically, electric cars are:

  • Very well-equipped as standard, proving good value for money
  • Very cheap to run, saving money in the long term
  • Packed with clever driver assistance systems and high-tech kit
  • Cheaper to service and maintain as there are less-complex moving parts
  • Exempt from road tax and the London congestion charge as they offer zero CO2 emissions
  • Eligible for a government grant and/or an interest free loan to help cover the cost of purchase and the installation of a dedicated home charge point

Save Money by Hiring the Battery

What if you want to go electric, but your budget doesn’t cover the asking price? You could reduce the upfront cost of the initial purchase of some electric cars, such as the Renault Zoe, by choosing to hire the battery. By doing so:

  • You’ll get around £5-6K off the starting price
  • You’ll pay a monthly bill instead, between £50-£120 depending on your expected annual mileage
  • You often get a battery performance guarantee to at least 75% of its original capacity, where the manufacturer will repair or replace it
  • You can still sell the car – the new owner will simply take over the agreement

The Top 10 Best Value EVs

The cars on this list all offer a reasonably low starting price and plenty of high-tech kit as standard, proving EVs can be affordable for everyone. Read on to find the best electric car for your money.