Commuting to and from work during rush hour can be a bit of an expensive chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Find a car that’s right for your needs, fun to drive, and with excellent fuel economy, and you could turn your morning and evening commutes into a far more enjoyable and cost-effective experience. 


Typically, most mileage accrued by drivers is from driving to and from work. So if you plan to use your car for commuting, it makes sense to consider a vehicle with high miles per gallon (MPG) and low running costs. That way you can drive further for cheaper, saving money in the long run. There are other points to consider too. You’ll likely want a car that is: 

  • Comfortable 
  • Agile and nimble 
  • The right size for the journey 
  • A good performer  
  • Fun to drive 
  • Packed with technology and driver assist systems 

It’s worth taking time to consider your driving needs as well, to find out what type of car will suit your commute best, whether a diesel, petrol, hybrid, or electric. Remember: 

  • Electric cars have very low running costs, excellent for city driving, but for longer journeys you have to take the battery range into consideration 
  • Diesel cars are typically more fuel efficient than petrol vehicles 
  • Petrol cars are usually the cheapest in terms of upfront cost 
  • Hybridsit comfortably in the middle, providing the best of both worlds  


Great for long distance motorway journeys and ideal for driving across the city in the morning rush, the best commuter cars juggle high stop-start traffic with good performance. They have agile handling for navigating city streets and they have comfortable interiors. Of course, to be economical, they have to offer low running costs and have a high miles per gallon ratio. Naturally, the top 10 best economical cars for commuters tick these boxes. Read on for more information.