Often tarred with the ‘boy racer’ brush, thanks to their cars’ loud exhausts, garish gold wheels and uncouth spoilers, Subaru drivers are in fact amongst the safest motorists on our roads, according to research by MoneySupermarket.

The insurance comparison site analysed over 13 million car insurance quotes, provided over 12 months, and found that of the 35 most popular car brands in the UK, Subaru owners make the least claims.

They are closely followed by Smart Car drivers, who we can only presume can’t build up enough speed to have a serious accident.

The reason behind the lack of claims is that Subarus, particularly the powerful Impreza model, aren’t driven by boy racers at all, instead being bought by 30-40 year olds who exhibit more responsible driving behaviour.

Either that, or the more worrying thought – that younger Impreza drivers are forgoing insurance altogether…

At the other end of the scale, drivers of Seats, Kias and Minis are most likely to make an ‘at fault’ claim, with Honda and Mazda owners also sneaking into the top five.

However, the single model most likely to be claimed for is the dinky Fiat Cinquecento, made famous by the hapless antics of ‘The Inbetweeners’.

However, don’t think that avoiding particular brands is a simple way to reduce your insurance premiums. Peter Harrison of MoneySupermarket explains: “Interestingly, the fact that Subaru drivers are least likely to make a claim, doesn’t directly translate into them paying the cheapest premiums. While claims are one factor insurers take into account when setting premium prices, other factors also play a part. These include the engine size, the number of miles you clock up, where you park, and your profession amongst other things.

“Smaller cars are generally cheaper to insure as the cost of repairs and parts are likely to be lower than those on more premium models.  If you want to pay less for car insurance, it is worth considering these factors when choosing your motor as this will help reduce the overall cost of running a car.”

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