Japanese manufacturer Subaru has announced its new Global Platform which is currently being developed and will be used as the underpinnings of its future models. This is part of the six initiatives to improve the brand as part of its mid-term management vision. 

The Global Platform to benefit future models and will improve safety, driving dynamics, as well as giving Subaru a unified platform on which it can build all its cars. To achieve this goal Subaru say that the new platform will offer unparalleled smoothness and comfort but will still be back up by high performance and specification.

Straight line stability will be improved by 70 to 80 per cent compared to present models. Increased rigidity in the chassis and body will mean more stable cornering, too. It will enable the company to build safer cars as the centre of gravity is 5mm lower which, coupled with the improved rigidity, means that the car will corner flatter and in a more controlled way.

This rigidity also means that their models will be better off in a collision as the frame structure enables better energy absorption with 40 per cent better impact energy absorption compared to present models. 

The new platform also allows a single design concept meaning that future models can be easily adapted to include hybrid setups and electric motors. This also means that less design personnel will be needed and the whole process will be more efficient, therefore making Subaru models more cost effective to build.