Public opinion on stop-start technology has been chequered in the past, with some seeing the fuel and CO2-saving elements as no-brainers while others were left confused and frankly irritated by it. So, when buying a new car, should you go for one with stop-start technology enabled? Our handy guide gives you some food for thought.

Are you a country bumpkin or urban dweller?

Stop-start technology is particularly effective for those who will be spending lots of time waiting at traffic lights. This obviously won’t be such an issue for those who spend most of their journeys enjoying long country roads, so take a view on whether it would actually make much difference to your fuel spend based on your average journey.

How much will you actually save?

Stop-start technology is not just one simple add on, the same across all cars, as the complexity of the systems used varies across the industry.

With this in mind, and as with any form of technology, its benefits will vary too. It’s worth investigating how much fuel you are likely to save, depending on the type of driving you do and how far you travel on average each day. Weighing up this saving against any additional investment you are planning on making on the car is advisable before you purchase.

Will my car be affected?

Most modern cars built with stop-start technology are made so that there will be no long-lasting damage to the engine from the use of the automated start-stop device. However, older models may have suffered slight wear and tear depending on how many miles they’ve covered and where they have been driven previously. It’s worth doing your research before buying the car; you don’t want to be left with a hefty repair bill just a few months into ownership!

In conclusion…

Stop-start technology is no doubt a clever piece of kit which has, over the years, been honed and perfected to increase its benefits, become a smoother process and to eradicate any issues around engine wear and tear. However, when buying a used car with the technology integrated it’s advisable, as with any used car, to check its history and prior usage. The fuel savings from a car with stop-start technology can range from anything between 5 and 8% per cent so it can be worth investing in if it’s right for you.