Music is an important part of many driver’s commute or journey – so to make skipping to your favourite song less distracting, Spotify is trying its new Car View mode.

Unlike the application’s normal layout on the player screen that includes a large picture of the current song’s cover, this new mode will only display the song title and artist – as well as larger buttons making it easier to control.

The new mode is currently going through limited testing on more advanced devices and should automatically activate when the mobile device connects to the Bluetooth in the vehicle.

If the user doesn’t have access to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, this system will make navigating through songs much easier for drivers – although it should be noted that the device should be placed in a cradle and out of the main windscreen area as to limit distraction.

To find the new mode, Spotify need to go into the settings area of the application and will find it in the new ‘Car’ option section – where the option should already be ticked if the phone is connected to a vehicle’s infotainment system.

The Swedish media streaming company had originally tested this mode back in 2017, where Car View had also included a microphone hands-free option – although this currently isn’t available with the current version.

The mode is currently available on solely Android devices, although Apple devices are expected to get the service in the near-future.