Technology giant Sony might be best known for its televisions and games consoles, but this electronics firm is now setting its sights on something rather different – cars.

In fact, at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the firm shocked many by revealing its Vision-S concept electric car. And while many thought it was little more than a show car, it’s now begun testing on the roads.

Built in partnership with Magna Steyr, which is responsible for manufacturing production cars for numerous firms, including BMW and Jaguar, the model hit the snowy mountainous roads in Magna’s native Austria in December 2020.

But while the Vision-S might seem a worthy rival to the Tesla Model S – its looks aren’t even that dissimilar – Sony has previously said that this model is not a car that you’ll be able to go out and buy, but rather its tech will influence cars produced by other manufacturers. This includes the driver assistance technology and main infotainment system setup.

That hasn’t stopped the Vision-S looking impressively ready for sale, though Sony said: “By bringing together its cutting-edge technologies, we intend to contribute to the evolution of mobility by contributing safety, security, and in-car entertainment that generates new excitement.”

Further trials of the Vision-S are expected to be carried out at different locations in due course.