Skoda has showcased the ‘acoustic signature’ which accompanies its new Enyaq iV electric vehicle.

Developed in-house by the Czech manufacturer, the sound allows the Enyaq iV to meet European legislation which requires all new electric vehicles to be fitted with an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS).

Since EVs have no combustion engine and therefore emit no sound, they need to have some form of audible alert to make their presence known to pedestrians and other road users.

Pavel Orendas, who created the sound along with his team at Skoda’s development centre, said: “The Enyaq iV is an all-electric car, so it was quite a challenge to design a sound to match its identity. The sound was fine-tuned in the Volkswagen Group’s acoustic laboratory. One thing was clear from the start: it must be noticeably different from the sound emitted by plug-in hybrids.”

The sound itself is emitted by a small speaker which is built into the front of the Enyaq iV. The system is encased in a one-litre box which is then mounted onto the battery cooling module. By positioning it here, Skoda has ensured that no additional speakers – and therefore additional weight – are required, while making certain that the sound created is audible at the correct volume set by regulations.

Production of the Enyaq iV has already started. Skoda’s latest EV is due to go on sale in the UK early next year, with first deliveries expected in spring.