Skoda is looking to improve both convenience and safety through its patent for illuminated seat belt buckles.

Developed in the firm’s ‘Simply Clever labs’, the buckle features integrated LEDs that make it easier to show people where the seat belts go at night, and also if occupants are securely fastened.

When nobody is in the seat, they glow white to show where they are, while you can even get them to light up in a sequence to make it easier to locate them.

When someone is sitting in the chair, the buckle turns red – indicating to the occupant that they should put their seat belt on. Skoda says this particular function is very useful for parents as it allows them to easily see if their children have or haven’t got their seat

belt on. Once the belt is fastened it flashes green to show it’s safely in, before reverting back to the white light.

The new feature, which could be rolled out onto the firm’s production cars in the future, is one of almost a hundred patents Skoda applies for each year as part of its ‘Simply Clever’ range of features.

Other patents Skoda has include mats made from a special fabric that make them easier to clean, as well as a ‘flexible cargo snake’ that allows boxes and objects to be securely stored in the boot.