Estate cars might be notoriously dull and driven by mums and dads who yearn to own a thoroughbred sports car, but the estate version of the Seat Leon Cupra has proven even faster around the notorious Nurburgring circuit than the hatchback it’s based on.

Despite carrying an extra 45kg in weight and 27cm in length, the ST Cupra has lapped the German track 0.4 seconds quicker than its three-door SC Cupra sibling – at 7:58.0 – stealing the crown for being the Nurburgring’s fastest estate car from the V8 Audi RS4 in the process.

Just as the supersized boot makes the ST Cupra a much more practical proposition, the longer body also makes the estate more aerodynamic and more balanced around corners, claimed the man who lapped it in record time – Spanish driver Jordi Gene – when speaking to Top Gear.

He said: “In high-speed corners the ST rear axle is more progressive, and the top speed is higher with the better drag coefficient. What we lose exiting some corners we get it back in high-speed turns and on the straights."

Take a look at the video below to see just what a record lap of the Nurburgring looks like. We expect that the closely-related VW Golf R Estate may just demolish this time when it takes its turn around the German circuit.

Video: Seat