Seat has unveiled a new concept SUV at this week’s Geneva motor show, which previews the styling of a forthcoming production model.

Called the 20V20 (‘Vision Veinte Veinte’, or ‘20:20 vision’ in Spanish), the mid-sized SUV points towards just one of a host of high-riding models due to be launched by 2020.

The car shows an evolution of the current Seat design theme, with the ‘X’-style front grille – as seen on Seat’s current Leon hatchback – but with additional detailing including a prominent ‘V’ shape running from the grille and over the bonnet.

The car’s flat roof and swept-back styling also gives the impression of a much lower, sportier car than its dimensions would suggest.

While the 20V20 concept is driveable, Seat has not confirmed what is fitted under the bonnet. However, with access to the VW Group’s sizeable range of engines, expect petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions to be offered once it reaches showrooms. Both front- and four-wheel-drive versions are likely to be available.

Aimed at families, the 20V20 comes with a 600-litre boot space, in which a brace of luggage trollies and an electric scooter can be found – though don’t expect those to remain for the production version.

However, being a concept car, the 20V20 isn’t all strait-laced sensibleness. The cab is fittingly forward-thinking, with a trio of flat screens in place of conventional dials and buttons and a new ‘Personal Drive Device’, which resembles a small coin and can be used for everything from automatically configuring individual driver settings to guiding owners to their destination on foot once they’ve parked their car.

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