Porsche has established a new venture which will see the development of new high-performance battery packs that are set to be used in the brand’s flagship EVs and also in motorsport.

As a joint venture with German firm Cumstomcells, Porsche has an 83.85 per cent stake in Cellforce – a new venture that Porsche has already invested in, and which has received government backing, too.

According to Autocar, the facility, called the Weissach Development Centre, will initially employ 13 engineers, with the hope this will increase to 80 by 2025.

A revised battery setup will mean the units can have an increased power density over conventional mass-produced batteries. Porsche has also said they can withstand higher temperatures and can charge at far quicker speeds, which is set to come in handy for extreme performance cars and in motorsport. Though the batteries won’t be produced in vast quantities, they aim to supply more specialist performance models from the firm.

Porsche is already well on its way with EVs, launching its Taycan as its first electric car in 2020, and it’s now one of the firm’s most popular models. The German firm also has a 24 per cent stake in Rimac – a Croatian electric hypercar firm that’s widely regarded as being one of the leaders in high-performance EVs.