Porsche has teamed up with Lego to give a classic 911 Turbo a brick makeover.

To be exact, the Danish firm has recreated the 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo, otherwise known as the ‘930’, as the latest entry to its Speed Champions range.

Finished in white, the car’s iconic circular headlights, staunch wheel arches and huge ‘whale tail’ rear wing have been well-replicated in just 180 bricks. In the US, this kit for kids young and old is to retail for $15 (£11.84) and is set to go on sale globally in August.

The real car has gone down as one of the most popular and enduring 911 designs ever, courtesy of said wheel arches and spoiler. It is also rather infamous, as the turbocharged flat-six engine at the very rear of the car made it tail-happy and unpredictable to drive.

In recent years, Lego has taken a keen interest in the motoring world, with collaborations with McLaren, Porsche and Bugatti among the most notable PR stunts and new toys from the Danish plastic brick maker.

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