In a recent survey by, 71% of male drivers admitted to having a heavy right foot, claiming they had driven at over 100mph on the UK road network, compared to just 26% of women.

A reflection on road-traffic law, 79% have been scorned with a speeding fine and 78% have been pulled over on the roadside because of a motoring offence.

However, it may not have been speeding they were stopped for, as 77% of drivers also admitted to using a mobile phone while driving and 82% of drivers have skipped a red light! In the same survey, 70% of people admitted to wrongly parking in a disabled bay and a quarter of all entrants had falsely parked in a mother and baby space, resulting in nearly 80% of drivers having received at least one parking ticket.

Over 81% have driven in a bus lane, while 78% of drivers have mistakenly driven into a no entry road. While these figures are striking, you may forgive yourself for making the same mistake – while not all of us will admit to our motoring imperfections, we are not alone in them!

With the cost of fuel at an all-time high, the financial struggle of running a car has regularly made an appearance in recent headlines, so it may not come as a big surprise that 75% of drivers have run out of fuel while driving.

Unfortunately, 83% of drivers taking part in the survey said they had experienced a crash (whether a single car accident or involving another vehicle), which just goes to show the importance of insurance.