The last cars may have rolled out of the factory back in 2005. But very few MGs or Rovers have ended up at the scrappers, after reaching the end of their useful lives. Official figures shows that the numbers of Rovers built post-2000 – so V-registered or newer – on the UK’s roads has hardly declined at all.

The numbers of each make have declined by less than 4%, leaving over a million still with owners. When MG Rover went into receivership five years ago, the dealer network for the cars collapsed. Parts distributor X-part took over parts supply and now there are 250 MG Rover Autoservice centres across the country who’ll fix and fettle the cars.

X-part has linked up with the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) which bought the MG brand and sources parts made using the original tooling, now owned by SAIC. Xpart has committed to continue supplying spares for at least another five years.