Nissan’s latest Qashqai will benefit from a new e-Power hybrid powertrain this summer. 

The system combines a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor similar in size to the one found in some of Nissan’s fully electric vehicles. In doing so, it can deliver a driving experience similar to an EV, with a one-pedal driving experience akin to that in Nissan’s Leaf.

There’s also very little delay in the delivery of power, while fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions are greatly improved over a conventional petrol or diesel car. The engine’s power can also be sent directly to the electric motor in certain situations, such as when accelerating heavily. 


David Moss, senior vice president, region research & development, Nissan Technical Centre Europe, said: “We know that potential customers for Qashqai e-POWER will spend nearly three-quarters of their time driving in urban and suburban environments. 

“Consequently, we’ve developed the e-Power system to run as efficiently, effectively and discreetly as possible in those circumstances. But there is no compromise to the driving performance. Acceleration is instant, thanks to the pure electric drive to the wheels, and there is no gearbox to interrupt the power delivery.”

Nissan estimates that the e-Power Qashqai will deliver up to 53.3mpg while emitting 119g/km CO2, though these figures are subject to homologation. The new setup will sit alongside the existing 1.3-litre mild-hybrid engine offering.