Nissan has come up with a lullaby designed for EVs to send babies and toddlers to sleep.

The ‘hypnotic’ soundscape is said to sooth young children to sleep with the same frequencies of combustion engines, meant to mirror the ‘dream drive’ parents take to help their kids nod off.

The lullaby was put together in collaboration with sound designer and sleep coach Tom Middleton. It blends the sounds of the all-electric Nissan Leaf with the hum of a conventional engine.

In a survey of 1,500 people, ‘Dream driving’ – the act of setting out in the car specifically to get a child to sleep – is used by 51 per cent of parents, with 62 per cent doing this once a week.

Middleton said: “Nissan’s zero-emission lullaby combines auditory development research with creative strategy and is inspired by the audible and inaudible sounds of the Nissan Leaf.

“In addition to the combustion engine frequencies than only children can hear – which help lull them to sleep – every sound you can hear comes from building an orchestra of sounds and rhythms from the interior and exterior recordings of the Leaf.”

Said to be a world-first, the lullaby can be downloaded here.