A free mobile phone service launched today by the Motor’s Insurers Bureau will allow accident victims to check a vehicle’s insurance details at the roadside.

Www.askMID.com has been optimised for smartphones and can be used to check the details given by any other party involved in a road traffic accident.

MIB Chief Executive, Ashton West said: “The new askMID roadside service provides drivers with an instant check of the Motor Insurance Database (MID) from their mobile phone.”

According to the Association of British Insurers there were 2.9 million motor insurance claims processed in 2012. West believes that askMID will relieve some of the stress of collecting the important information from the parties at the time of the accident and passing it on to the insurers.

He adds: “The askMID roadside service offers motorists peace of mind that the insurance details provided by the other driver at the scene of an accident match the records held on the Motor Insurance Database. If the results from askMID checks are inconsistent with the person you’ve had an accident with, you should report that to your insurer immediately.”

The Motor’s Insurers Bureau has also produced an “accident scene information checklist” so that askMID can be used to its full potential. It means you wont forget to collect what can be an extensive amount of information, and can include names, addresses and contact details for all drivers (and witnesses) involved in the accident, as well as vehicle registrations and insurance details for third parties and photographs of any damage.

By Daniel Streeter

Picture: Fotolia