Last week unveiled our brand new advertising campaign, which features Amy as she experiences the ‘Carfuffle’ of searching for a new car. The ad humorously depicts the confusion that many feel when faced with a potentially overwhelming level of choice, feeling like they are going around in circles, trying to find the right car for them. Amy’s inner fears are manifested in a creepy merry-go-round as she thinks to herself: ‘You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?’ sympathises with used car buyers in Amy’s plight. In market research undertaken before the launch of the campaign, found that 38% of consumers worry about the process of finding a new car and less than one fifth know the exact make and model of the vehicle they want before they start searching online. That’s why we’re so proud of our unique Smart Search, which empowers users to search by what matters to them without the Carfuffle, whether that’s by space, running cost, insurance group, budget, speed, or even colour! What’s more, every vehicle is history checked and colour coded with our ‘History Alert’ or ‘History Passed’ scoring system, to give you peace of mind while browsing our site.

Amy is able to browse, the smart new way to search, on her tablet as the site is fully responsive and works across all platforms and devices without compromising on user experience. She finds a great selection of cars suited to her needs, thus removing the ‘Carfuffle’ from finding her dream motor. Why not try our Smart Search today; you might be surprised by what you find.

Let us know your thoughts on the first advert in our new Carfuffle campaign in the comments below.