Mercedes has revealed further details about the interior of the new G-Class, after the first pictures were shown off last week.

The new G-Class interior retains some of the ruggedness of the original, while Mercedes has added some well-needed technological improvements and spaciousness.

Details from the original have also made their way into the 2019 model, including a grab handle in front of the passenger and switches for the differential locks.

The interior features Mercedes’ touch controls where the steering wheel can be swiped in the same way that a smartphone can be to perform functions, which also means the driver doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road.

Similar to other range-topping Mercedes, the G-Class has two 12.3-inch screens merged into one display. The screens can also be modified to display different information and dials that the driver is after.

It is far more practical than before, too, with extra legroom and shoulder room than the previous version had.

Yet, despite this modern revamp, the G-Class has not lost any of its off-road charm. With locking differentials, as well as sturdy interior trim, the new model is built to last. Every G Class will also be tested on the Schöckl, an Austrian mountain next to the G-Class’s production plant where Mercedes does its hard testing.

The Mercedes G-Class is one of the most rugged 4x4s around, and even if it is now favoured by footballers and those in cities, it is still an incredibly able car. Over 300,000 have been made since the first model rolled off the production line. More recently it has spawned a ridiculous six-wheeled AMG version, too.

The new Mercedes G-Class will debut in full at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.