Enforcing the law can be tough going, so there is all the more need to look suave, sophisticated and eccentric while doing it.

We’ve compiled our selection of coolest police cars from around the globe. Suddenly, we have a strong calling to join the forces…

1. Lotus Evora We don’t know how this got expensed back to the Police force, but no speedster on the motorway will be able to beat this rather snazzy number.

2. Volvo 121 Amazon Vintage has never been so cool with this Volvo. Chosen for its durability and reliability, Volvos are still a favourite of the British police force.

3. Electric Police car This rather odd looking little electric car was used as part of the protection for Michael Jackson’s funeral. Deployed in the 'green' state of California, its silent motor is sure to catch out criminals along the beach.

4. Tractor No police force should be without one. A perfect accessory to breaking up any farmyard scraps you may encounter while on the beat.

6. Porsche 924 This German police Porsche is used as an autobahn patrol unit.

7. Chinese buggy We’re not sure that we would feel very safe in a neighborhood guarded by this buggy.