What do you do when snowmobiles become too slow? Take a leaf out of Red Bull’s book, and storm up the slopes in a specially modified supercar.

A video recently released by the multi-faceted brand, shows Japanese driver Takeshi Kimura do just that. At the wheel of a Ferrari F40, the 46-year-old takes the Italian beast on a slide-y adventure through a chilly Ryuoo Ski Park, stopping only to build a campfire and cook noodles.

With studded tyres, snow chains and rally spotlights fitted, the F40 makes light work of the powdery pistes, although is unlikely that the 478hp V8 could reach its top speed of 201mph on the white stuff.

When the F40 debuted in 1987 it was famed for being lightweight and fast, and alongside the Porsche 959 was the first road legal car to surpass 200mph.