Mitsubishi has made a renewed push to state the benefit of petrol hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and surveyed its customer base to show the benefits of plug-in hybrid motoring.

Not enough is being done to build consumer confidence in electric vehicles (EVs), according to the Japanese brand, as exemplified by less than one per cent of cars in the UK being pure EVs.

The firm has touted PHEV models as an ideal gateway into electric motoring for the general public, and stated its belief that lawmakers have turned away from this type of car due to misconceptions as to why consumers buy them. The government has recently withdrawn the plug-in car grant, reducing the incentive for motorists to consider electrified options over standard petrol models.

In order to show why motorists choose plug-in hybrids, Mitsubishi picked a selection of Outlander PHEV owners for a survey.

According to the survey, 86 per cent of owners stated that fuel economy was a key factor in deciding to choose the Outlander PHEV, with 85 per cent stating that low running costs were important

Furthermore, 81 per cent listed environmental friendliness as an integral part of why they choose the electrified Outlander.

Regular charging is a critical part of saving money with a PHEV, and Mitsubishi’s research reveals that 90 per cent of Outlander PHEV owners will charge their car two to three times per week, with 68 per cent charging it up on a daily basis.

According to the research, 25 per cent of owners are likely to consider a pure-electric vehicle for their next purchase, exemplifying the confidence increase that experiencing PHEV ownership can have.

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