Mercedes-AMG has that ‘One’ will be the name for its forthcoming hypercar.

The name is inspired by the Formula 1 hybrid technology which the car utilises, and uses the help of Mercedes’s championship-winning F1 team in its new model. The One will unsurprisingly become the pinnacle of the German firm’s line-up.

The name has been announced ahead of next week’s Paris Motor Show, where the car will be on display.

Previously referred to as the ‘Project One’, the One has been undergoing development at the Millbrook test track in the UK, where the car has been spied testing in recent weeks.

The active aerodynamics are one of the One’s stand-out features, with wind-tunnel testing still ongoing to finetune this. It is set to feature a multi-stage wing, which can be extended to create more downforce when in race mode. It’s set to ‘bring race technology to life in a road-legal vehicle,’ according to the car’s engineers.

Mercedes-AMG is also showing off a new mobile showroom for the hypercar, which is housed in a HGV. It features its own coffee bar, lounge, and a mock-up of the car and its cockpit for potential customers to look around.

The Project One was unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and is set to be powered by a hybrid powertrain using four electric motors and an F1-derived 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 and will produce in excess of 987bhp, have a top speed of around 220mph, and be able to accelerate from 0-120mph in under six seconds.