Mazda has announced plans for it to electrify its full range by the end of the decade, as the firm looks to introduce a raft of new EVs and hybrids.

Currently, Mazda only offers mild-hybrids in its ‘2’ and ‘3’ hatchbacks, as well as the CX-30 crossover. The brand also only introduced its first EV – the MX-30 – earlier this year.

However, Mazda has now said that by 2030 all of its range will be ‘electrified in some form’. Though it’s not clear if this will include mild-hybrids, the Japanese firm has said it will introduce a range of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and EVs over the coming years, which will be achieved through two platforms that can be scaled for models of various shapes and sizes.

The first will be rolled out between 2022 and 2025, and will be used for five new hybrid models, five plug-in hybrids and three EVs. Toyota’s hybrid systems will also be used for several of these models, though further details haven’t been announced.

From 2025 Mazda will then introduce its Skyactiv EV Scalable Architecture, which will be reserved purely for electric cars.

Despite Mazda’s electrification plans, the firm is set to continue with development of new engines, with new straight-six engines even promised, though they’re unlikely to be offered in the UK. This partly comes from the firm’s involvement in sustainable biofuels, which could replace petrol and diesel and ensure the combustion-engined cars already on the road can continue to run in the future.

Mazda has also announced new details of a new safety system that will be introduced on its larger cars from 2022. Called ‘Mazda Co-Pilot Concept’, it will be able to monitor the driver’s condition and should they fall unwell at the wheel, the cars will be able to switch to autonomous driving to safely bring the car to a stop in an appropriate place.