The new 64 registration number plate isn’t due to make an appearance until September, but that hasn’t stopped the easily embarrassed DVLA from slapping bans on a number of risqu? personalised registrations which would have otherwise been offered for sale.

The organisation’s propriety group is charged with deciding which number plates are allowed, and traditionally it clamps down on any letter and number combinations that could be read as a racial slur or that has sexual connotations.

And, with the latest 64 plate – which can be read as a single ‘G’ or ‘A’, or as a multitude of other combinations such as ‘GA’, ‘GH’, ‘GE’ and ‘BA’, the propriety group has had its work cut out ensuring no potentially offensive registrations slip through the net.

As such, you’re likely to be disappointed by the clampdown if you’re an anonymous car-park sex enthusiast, as DO64 GER (‘dogger’) has been restricted, along with VA64 AZL (‘vajazzle’), the Sunday Times reports.

Further combinations that upset the censors include NO64 LLS and OH64 LLS (‘no balls’ and ‘oh balls’) and many plates beginning with HU64 (‘huge’).

Fans of the Mr Boombastic singer Shaggy will also be let down by the clampdown, as SH64 GGY has also been withdrawn.

However, there are a number of clever permutations that are still up for grabs. Run a wedding car hire business? EN64 GED (‘engaged’) is for you, and is up for sale amongst other witty plates such as RE64 TTA (‘regatta’) and MC64 RRY (‘McGarry’).

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