One Lamborghini Aventador owner has taken his love for his car to a whole new level, by commissioning a one-off speedboat in its image.

Supercar fanatic Gino Gargiulo was so smitten with his bright yellow Aventador that when it came to creating his own boat he couldn’t think of anything better to model it on.

The $1.3million (£774,000) creation cost nearly twice as much as the flamboyant two-seater and has taken over a year to create. It boasts identikit front and rear lights, cabin and eye-searing yellow paintwork. Even the steering wheel is an homage to the one found in the Italian two-seater.

But is the ‘Raging Bull’ worthy of its name? Boasting 2,700hp, it is nearly four times as powerful as its road-going counterpart, though with a top speed of ‘only’ 190mph, it’ll lose ground to the car once it hits its stride at 217mph.

The boat features in a new series of ‘Secret Lives of the Super Rich’, which will be aired on US TV network CNBC. As a teaser, the network released the trailer below, showcasing the boat and pitching it in a drag race against the car. They wouldn’t reveal which won, though. Spoilsports.

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Picture: NetCarShow