The Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster, and the star attraction at Ferrari World – the marque’s extravagant and self-promoting theme park situated next to the Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina race circuit. However, the new F1-themed thrill ride did little to impress driver Kimi Raikkonen, as the above promo video shows.

Clearly undertaking their contractual PR duties, both Raikkonen and teammate Fernando Alonso try their best to look happy to be there as they make their way through Ferrari World and strap themselves into the bright red roller coaster.

Launched into the desert daylight, the thrill of the world’s fastest roller coaster is perhaps lost on men whose day job it is to drive F1 cars to their limit. While Alonso gets into the spirit of things by whooping and raising his arms, Kimi looks thoroughly bored throughout, and at one point looks as though he’s about to nod off.

While it’s not the exciting showcase video that Ferrari were no doubt hoping for, it is a humorous example of Kimi’s notoriously emotionless reactions. He’s not called the Iceman for nothing, you know.

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