There’s an old adage that says that a driver’s talent doesn’t necessarily increase with the size of their wallet. This is particularly true for the latest crop of hybrid hypercars. The top-tier offerings from Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari are set to push the boundaries of automotive performance so high, it’s left many commentators wondering what sort of superhuman driver would be needed to get the best out of them.

Well it seems that even the world’s most talented wheelsmen are having trouble taming Ferrari’s latest beast, the LaFerrari. Video footage has emerged of the company’s new F1 signing, Kimi Raikkonen, spinning the €1million masterpiece during a testing session.


Despite its prodigious power, Ferrari is remaining coy about the LaFerrari's top speed

Filmed at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, Kimi is seen giving the LaFerrari hell, wringing out its glorious V12 engine and generally driving in a manner that only a man of his prodigious capability is able. Then it all suddenly goes wrong. Overcooking it into a left-hand bend, the rear end steps out, and even the Finnish driver’s lightning-quick reactions aren’t enough to save it.

Thankfully, there is nothing to hit, and after a brief excursion onto the grass, Kimi just carries on as if nothing has happened, driving the LaFerrari so hard it spits flames out of the exhausts.

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